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You know how nowadays everyone loves to tweet at conferences or presentations in middle of the talk? Sometimes you as a presenter might want to return the favor and tweet something in response. If you know upfront that what you are going to present will provoke a response from audience, you can now actually put the tweets in your presenter notes and have Keynote or PowerPoint to tweet on the...
on Nov 15, 2011
I know what you are has always been a service. But the Cloud is making it evolve. Cloud Computing has been one of my favourite topics in the last couple of years. Coming from a sysadmin background I am frequently in awe of how easy it is nowadays to conjure up vast amounts of computing and storage resources out of thin air. Of course I know that its not "out of...
on Feb 16, 2011


Sometimes I wonder why rather good technology suddenly dies. Does anybody remember InfoBus? JavaBeans? Swing? Java? All of those had been brilliant technologies, enabling programmers doing things really easily. But at one day, news about those technologies just stopped. People tend to say that those technologies "died". Well, what does that mean, and is that true? Let's start with...
on Apr 24, 2011


Do a "requirements document" and "design document" use an outdated format? Is one monolithic document the right way to handle that information? Are there better ways to handle that information? Consider this idea: Keep requirements/design info in a tree structure. Support viewing the whole tree to a specific depth so that people can ignore undesired detail. Allow ownership...
on Oct 21, 2010
How often have I read about cool new technologies where, after all, the programmer can now 'fully concentrate on the business logic'. This meanwhile happens since at least 20 years so I wonder why still anybody does something else than concentrating on the 'business logic'? One reason might be that it always has been a lie. Using any web framework still ends with tracking and analyzing HTTP...
on Mar 4, 2010
I can't comment on the Oracle-Sun acquisition but I'd like to direct your attention to the first-page ad in todays Wall Street Journal. I don't think anyone should be doubting Oracles commitment. Personally, I'm looking forward to what's to come. Cheers, -- Terrence Reminder: If you haven't done so yet, please update your blog reader to my new blog URL
on Sep 10, 2009
The other day I posted some initial thoughts from my recent job search. Today, I wanted to talk a bit about technical questions. The questions I faced during my interviews (or before in timed tests) ranged from the obscure and puzzle-oriented to the practical and useful (albeit short). So, I've picked two questions to review to talk about what I liked and what I didn't, hoping to find out:...
on Aug 13, 2009
Now that I have officially given notice at work, I wanted to take a minute to share some details of my recent job hunting experience and raise some questions that have been bothering me. A small bit of background, I have been working in software development for 13 years, during that time, I've done Web-based, desktop, and database stuff. My recent work has been focused on thick desktop clients...
on Aug 11, 2009
Today's announcement of Google's Chrome OS is exciting in a few ways. I think it has implications for Java developers. With hindsight, I now think that Larry Ellison was hinting about Google's Chrome OS when he expressed some of his desires for JavaFX on small netbook-like devices. So, without any real knowledge and armed with nothing more than a vivid imagination, I provide some of my...
on Jul 9, 2009
This is probably my shortest blog ever, just to register a mini trick with Hudson. The good news are: you can add Google AdSense to your Hudson frontpage - or any other HTML snippet you want. You can check an example here. The trick is very simple, login in your Hudson frontpage and click on the edit description link on the right top corner of the screen. In the description textbox you can...
on May 15, 2009
Nearly every work related thought I have now ends with, “but this could change because of the Oracle thing.” The subject of this blog is one of them. While riding the ICE train to Mainz after speaking at JUG Köln, I was catching up on email and came across a (likely now irrelevant) org chart for some group other than my own. I noticed a box filled with the names of individual...
on Apr 21, 2009
So, the big news today is that Oracle is buying Sun. This is definitely the biggest thing to happen to Java since it's original release (not to mention the rest of Sun's portfolio). Overall, I believe Java is in pretty good hands. Oracle has bet their entire non-database business on Java. It's their lingua franca, the basis of the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack, which includes the entire BEA...
on Apr 20, 2009
Over the last few years, I've been watching the various cloud computing initiatives with great interest - at the most basic level, I love the idea of being able to abstract the hardware purchase and spool up new virtual instances (or even just pay by the CPU cycle). There are a number of interesting packages out there that offer cloud computing - for your reference, here are a couple I'm tracking...
on Apr 16, 2009


My name is Haim Michael, I am the General Manager for Zindell Technologies and I am an eternal student and a lecturer. I chose to develop the abelski web site for the benefit of all people world wide. I have started to develop it in November 2007 and I continuously update its courses and add new ones. All courses on this web site are available for free personal and academic usage.  The...
on Oct 4, 2010


Scala is an object oriented and a functional programming language. If you already know Java or C# you will find Scala an easy to learn and a powerful one. Most of the new features that were added in C# (comparing with Java) exist as well, and apart of enjoying the power of OOP you will also get to enjoy the power of Functional Programming. There are many advantages for using Scala. However, the...
on Sep 12, 2010


Once again the FUD around Solaris and OpenSolaris fate started to spread after Dana Blankenhorn misunderstood the licensing terms and used a eye catching and visitor increasing title, Oracle taking back OpenSolaris, for his blog entry. Well, from this article we can get that even the veteran writers can get things wrong and spread incorrect news :-) Folks, Solairs is one of the biggest Sun assets...
on Apr 1, 2010
My mailbox aggregates several Java User Groups and other specialized sources of information about the Java universe, with special guests like CEJUG and the Java EE community. Many of these Java sources are used by consultant companies to hire smart people, and since last year I am reading a desperate growing interest about skilled Java developers. More: few days ago I was having a coffee with...
on Jan 5, 2010
Well, everyone used to freelance for some time and some people freelance for their entire working life. An integral part of freelancing is interacting with customers and keeping track of projects, tasks, and services related to each customer. A freelancer can start with Excel sheets to keep track of working hour spent on a task in a project and finally calculate how much the client should pay for...
on Oct 11, 2009


In 2001, i create a small prototype of application platfrom called cimande, and now in 2010, the project become one of the case study of a lot of people, and the movement getting strong. A lot of companies try to use and also create a smiliar project like we did here. Strange, need 9 years to make people in this country understand the power of this. But none of us here, create a model like we did...
on Mar 27, 2010