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I was looking for some new Java tech books and my favorite site I did some quick Googling for it and found this post. I guess I will have to go with Amazon or one of the other online bookstores. Anyone have a good site for good Java tech books?
on Apr 2, 2009
Hearing all the frustration surrounding the unavailable JavaFX environment on Linux and Solaris, I remembered a time -- maybe a decade ago -- when Sun actually hoped it could produce the fastest, best Java for Solaris OS and Sparc hardware. The idea was that customers would actually purchase Solaris and Sparc if Java performed the best on those platforms. You can bet that engineers made sure that...
on Mar 9, 2009
Bob Worrall, CIO at Sun, recently published an article on Forbes, Sun Microsystems' IT Tips. He starts by pointing out that as much as the current economic downturn impacts everyone, it's also a "huge opportunity" for IT to make spending count and to invest in technology for a competitive edge. Worrall has three suggestions on how to "stretch the IT budget": Aim for efficiency, that is, "doing...
on Feb 24, 2009
This week's poll asks the question "What was the most important Java news of 2008?" One of the optional answers is "Blu-Ray wins format war." That's a reasonable option I suppose. Tthe Java community should definitely be happy that Java plays a role in the Blu-Ray technology space by being in many or most (all?) of the players. However, that important news may have a very, very short...
on Jan 7, 2009
I received my T400 some weeks ago,Sure I create the recovery DVDs and installed a brand new Ubunut 8.10 on it. But so far there are two things which make me crazy: First, why there is no horizontal USB port on the laptop and all ports are vertical? what if we need to plug a device which its height is bigger than T400 port distance with the desk? I didnt had the time to take some photos so I...
on Dec 21, 2008
The Sun Shows Signs of Life "After two-plus years of..generally eerie calm..sun is finally showing signs of life.."I think..minimum is behind us," says sun..statement is prompted by an October flurry.."This represents a real increase in .. activity."..Hathaway tamps down the excitement: "We're still years away from .. maximum and, in the meantime, .. sun is going to have some more quiet stretches...
on Nov 9, 2008
If you’re reading my blog, it’s likely you are a computer professional, so you know how error-prone large scale software systems can be. (You also know they are less-error prone if they are built with JSF. :^)) There have been many stories in reputable news sources regarding apparently error-prone purges of voter registration roles in the U.S.. Some of the errors may be due to IT...
on Oct 10, 2008
If any of the images on your site are licensed to Getty Images, it may cost you thousands of dollars. And soon thousands of Flickr images will be licensed to Getty Images. A friend of mine (let's call him Joe) owns a company with a web site. Some 5 years ago, he hired a designer to redesign the site. The designer used some images from a CD that was thought to contain royalty free images. Some...
on Jul 19, 2008
Liberating TLDs gives companies the opportunity to open a top level for federating and branding products, communities. I doubt microsoft ever get one, is too long and anything.msft is much too obscure. But, sun opening a .java TLD would for sure be a great opportunity for them and us. After all, sun made the move of changing sunw to java, why not getting their own TLD, now? Not...
on Jun 25, 2008
Business Processing Modeling
on Jun 23, 2008
Still don't quite understand what's different between "normal" programming and developing managed business processes? Perhaps this blog on Task Routing in a Managed Process will help you to understand the issues that Business Process Developers have to deal with.
on Mar 8, 2008
Last month Sun announced it had acquired MySQL, which may very well be the most influential and widespread open source database in the world. Aside from a few announcements, there wasn't nearly as much comment on this as I expected. Here are the databases that I see being supported at Sun: HSQLDB in Open Office Apache Derby MySQL HSQLDB? You would agree that Sun is the largest supporter of Open...
on Feb 24, 2008
Sun has just acquired innotek: "Europe's leading high-tech software company specializing in PC virtualization technology and operating system design." You can check out innotek's VirtualBox Open Source Edition at You can also read Sun's announcement, and here's an independent review of the innotek acquisition. In case you do a web search and run into other innoteks...
on Feb 18, 2008
Some companies sticked to a specific dress code for employees, even developers! I believe that developers can't have a standard dress code, developers are crazy, unorganized people :) but it seems that geeks share a common dress code (long hair and a beard) In this post you will see how the geeks look like. The 2nd part also is very interesting. It seems that it is funny while reading about...
on Dec 14, 2007
Not since the proposed Java 2000 have I had a good whole hearted laugh at Java. My colleagues couldn't believe it either. When I was at Sun there were some interesting economic ideas about reducing costs and improving the stock price, many were based on financial statistics and few that I can remember had any impact. Maybe some new starbucks investors may accidently select the wrong stock? So...
on Aug 24, 2007
You can now get Solaris on IBM x86.
on Aug 16, 2007
What a difference a year makes. I've been through two role changes in the past 12 months and now find myself returning back to a 'past life' looking at Content Management. Let's see how content management has gone 'Alfresco'. First let's start by figuring out how I got here. In working with a new organization, I've been enjoying the typical 'immersion period' of getting to grips with the systems...
on Jun 4, 2007
A recent article on Australian IT, Power Aids Virtual Server Push, describes, in largely layman's terms, the many benefits of 64-bit systems. A big plus is the flexibility for multiple servers to reside on the same hardware. Scalability, virtualization, and simulations all come into play. What a horizon of possibilities!
on May 30, 2007
I had cool experiences and lessons working for Summa Technologies since 2004, but since last April,16th I am working for RedHat in JBoss division, as a Solution Architect in Sales Engineers department. I will be working in Brazil, in S
on Apr 24, 2007