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I found this week's Robert X. Cringely column especially interesting. They're always interesting, but this one is about competing with Microsoft in general, and about Sun and Java in particular. It's a continuation of the previous week's column, a rather sobering look at how Microsoft is effectively untouchable by the courts. In this followup, Cringely suggests that the only way to beat...
on Apr 21, 2004
Computers have undoubtedly and dramatically raised the productivity of businesses world-wide. Yet for all the increased profits that technology can inject into the bottom line, it has a nasty habit of turning around and grabbing fist-fulls of cash back out of the balance sheet (witness Microsoft's massive cash hoard). No one's debating whether or not IT delivers more value than it consumes (...
on Apr 13, 2004
I go to the occassional meeting or trade show where vendors are displaying their wares. I look at what interests me, and sometimes give feedback to the vendors when I have appropriate expertise. Some are interested in my suggestions, some aren't. Not so long ago, I was being given a demo by two guys about their company's leading product. "What features do you have that your competitors don't?"...
on Apr 13, 2004
Today I'm kicking off a new regular feature in my blog. Each month I'll link to items from my and blogs that I think every Java developer, or at least every wireless Java developer, should know from the preceding month's wireless and mobility related news, presentations, and technical information. Diving right in, top wireless stories and resources from March 2004 included...
on Apr 5, 2004
A Book I didn't intend to run a website to make money. Back in late 2000, the dot boom had already turned to dot bust, people were already being layed off left and right, and it was clear that websites, B2B, B2C, ... were no longer the "in thing". If you hadn't raised money for a web venture, then you weren't going to, at least not for a few years when the VC [venture capital] doors might start...
on Apr 1, 2004
I was lucky enough to spend all of last week at Software Development Expo West (SD West) in Santa Clara, California. I usually don't have the luxury of devoting so much time to a "non-essential" activity, but the stars just happened to align fortuitously. My wife is expecting our second child soon and I'd scheduled myself to be voluntarily unemployed at this time anyway. I can...
on Mar 22, 2004
JSR-241: The Groovy Programming Language proposes the standardization of a new programming language for the Java Platform – one that is on equal footing with the Java programming language. Groovy is an agile, dynamic programming language like Python, Perl and Ruby, but it's designed specifically for the Java Platform and is completely interoperable with conventional Java programs. Groovy is not...
on Mar 16, 2004
So, I've posted a brief list of significant things that the technology business really ought to get working on. I wrote this list up on the plane after reading several articles about how the technology business was in the doldrums, more or less arguing that we already had pretty much everything we need. The idea is so laughable... it reminds one of that infamous 1899 USPTO quote, "everything that...
on Mar 12, 2004
The Brazilian National Health Card Project is a huge project with the objective of building a huge repository of clinical data for the Brazilian Health Care System. This project was constructed with the support of two fundamental technologies: JAVA and XML. In this paper, written in many hands with two Java Evangelists - Carol McDonald and Raghavan N. Srinivas - and the developers of the system...
on Feb 29, 2004
Eweek is claiming that, in reponse to IBM's open-letter to Sun to open-source Java, unnamed sources at Sun are telling Eweek that Sun representatives will meet with IBM to discuss open-sourcing Java.
on Feb 26, 2004
In response to Sun's Simon Phipps' rant about Eric Raymond's open letter to Sun to open-source Java, IBM Vice President Rod Smith has called for Sun to open-source Java in a letter to Sun Vice President Rob Gingell. Smith offers IBM's support to create an independent organization to control Java.
on Feb 26, 2004
In an article in the UK's PC Pro magazine, Sun fires back over Open Source Java accusations, Simon Phipps, Sun's Chief Technology Evangelist and blogger, rails about Eric Raymond's recent open letter to Sun, Let Java Go. Seems pretty clear that both sides make some points and miss their marks. I don't have the time right now into a blow by blow analysis but I will say that I'm...
on Feb 18, 2004
The New York Times recently published a
on Feb 15, 2004
We all know the feeling of post conference-idous, when you need to decompress from all of the exciting things you learned about and figure out what was real and what was just flat out cool. After attending ETech, I thought, why decompress when we can just continue to transform. This conference has been like the weather in the States in Denver, CO. For those of us who live here, we know it’s...
on Feb 13, 2004
Way back in July 2003 I blogged about palmOne licensing IBM's J2ME implementation (WME) for its Tungsten devices. Tungstens with built in Java support are now in use, but as I noted back in that blog: When will all Palm devices, much less all Palm OS based devices, include a built in Java runtime, not just the Tungstens? Time will tell, but my gut says very soon: If they don't, they'll suffer...
on Feb 13, 2004
According to this EWeek article, Sun has a promotion through June, 2004 wherein a purchase of Sun's Java Studio Enterprise product subscription also gets you an AMD Opteron-based SunFire server. The catch is that the subscription cost is $1500 per year with what looks like a 3 year commitment. I do like the switch to focusing on the hardware as a support for the software.
on Feb 11, 2004
I feel like I'm swimming upstream against a tide of derision from my peers, but unlike so many who disagreed with Jonathan Schwartz's recent article/editorial/advertisement on JDJ, I think what Jonathan said makes a lot of sense. What company in the world wants to invest time and money in creating custom, one-off IT systems which are completely orthogonal to its core business efforts? The status...
on Feb 10, 2004
Check out my Artima blog entry on the case study of JSR 166: Concurrency Utilities.
on Feb 10, 2004
Valentine and impending doom, when in the same sentence, are redundant. Perhaps the following lines from John Donne(1572 to 1631) might be of somehelp to the needy: If ever any beauty I did see,Which I desired, and got, 't was but a dream of thee Taken from John Donne's "Good Morrow". Visit Satya's Knowledge Folder on Humanities. Be forewarned though that no more valentine helpers may be...
on Feb 5, 2004
I'm currently working on the specification for EJB 3.0 (JSR 220). Our main goal is to make EJB easer to use. I'm an independent. I don't represent a vendor. Instead I try to represent the interests of J2EE application developers. To do that, I need to know what the development community wants. What do you like or dislike about EJB? If it's broke, how should we fix it? This is an excellent...
on Jan 31, 2004