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Open Source

I released SomnifugiJMS v22 a few weeks back. Not alpha-0-22. This subtlety is a big change in approach for a small change in code. I make fewer changes in each release, and the extremely stabile JMS specification is only so big. I've added most of the features I intend to implement. After eight years of work, six years in production systems, and 21 alpha releases it's starting to feel done. I'd...
on Jul 23, 2008
I've found I want to reuse code from almost every project I've ever worked on. Plus other people treat my code as library code years longer than I thought possible. So when I create Java code, I produce reusable .jars of code. Structuring the project correctly at the beginning to help reuse seems to be important, but isn't without cost. I have settled on one way, but am not convinced it's the...
on Sep 25, 2003
I plan to use autoboxing in a project, so I'm responding to Erb Cooper's damning blog, "The Terror That Is Autoboxing." I haven't read the spec yet -- Only JCP members have had the chance. I think we should reserve judgment at least until we can see what the JSR expert group has come up with. Under the eye-catching headline, Erb's complaint is that autoboxing could create a lot of objects for no...
on Sep 18, 2003