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Open Source

My OSCON Friday, 07/29/2011 Note 3.500 registered attendees 18,000 viewed live streams on web 1/7 talk acceptance rate Table of Contents 1 10:00am - Manage Distributed Systems with Zookeeper 2 11:00am - Cultivating Open Geo-Data in the Real-World: A Guided Tour of Three Portland-based Projects 3 11:50am - Android Infrastructure, the Workings behind the Curtain 4 12:40pm - All Your...
on Jul 29, 2011
My OSCON Thursday, 07/28/2011 Table of Contents 1 Java Videos/Slides 2 10:40am - Big Data; Small Problems (And a Tale of Two Sequels) 3 11:30am - Building a Machine Learning Lab that Scales in Your Garage 4 11:30am - Wheeler 5 1:40pm - Utility and Automation: Low Overhead Operations with Amazon and Puppet 6 2:30pm - Hacking Yourself with Open Source Software 7 4:10pm - Refactoring SQL...
on Jul 29, 2011
My OSCON Wednesday, 07/27/2011 Table of Contents 1 10:40am - Essential Data Analysis Workshop 1.1 Part 1 1.1.1 Univariate distributions histograms and kernel density estimates location and scale outliers and outlier detection power-law distribution cumulative distribution functions rank-order plots 1.1.2 Resampling Methods 1.1.2....
on Jul 27, 2011
Tuesday, 07/26/2011 Table of Contents 1 9:00am - Git Foundations 2 10:40am - Taming the Big Data Fire Hose 3 11:30am - Managing Thousands of Cloud Instances with Java 4 1:30pm - Google App Engine Workshop 5 2:20pm - Open Source Compiler Construction for the JVM 6 3:30pm - Using jQuery with Node.js 7 4:20pm - Lumberyard: Time Series Indexing at Scale 1 9:00am - Git Foundations...
on Jul 26, 2011
Monday, 07/25/2011 Table of Contents 1 10:40am - Playful Explorations of Public and Personal Data 2 11:30am Monday 3 1:30pm - Above the Clouds: Introducing Akka 3.1 basic Actor 3.1.1 Actor 3.1.2 Dataflow 3.1.3 HotSwap 3.2 Remote Actor 3.3 Fault-Tolerance 4 2:20pm Monday - The Ghost in the Virtual Machine: A Reference to References 5 3:30pm Monday - Future-proofing Collections...
on Jul 26, 2011
I'm at OSCON in Portland - I'll be posting my notes from time-to-time
on Jul 26, 2011
I lead an education program related to Java in the country, and now we lets everyone to use this platform of innovation as default, because we can see a lot of things that we manage before, now it is inside.   Several cool feature that we use and now inside   1. as brand i love because our work all related to Java. including Android (hope the dispute...
on May 24, 2011
Happy new year 2011.   It has been a while since a blog in this forum.  I worked on other technologies that are not related to Java, so I didn't post into this site.  For now, I think, I'll post any new articles that can be related to programmation, mostly java.  What do you think ?   I want to talk about Hosting your git repositories.  I know, that there are few...
on Jan 4, 2011


Beyond being merely a computer programming language, Java is the most widely used software platform in the entire world. There is a large number of various software solutions that were developed using this technology. Without many people being aware, Java is present in our daily lives in embedded technologies like blue-ray discs and a countless number of sites on the internet that...
on Jul 26, 2011
We are now success put Cimande to, but of course, because this is our first deployment, so there are bugs that we fix, but hopefully we will fix it shortly, because 55 kids (highschool) waiting for those, and several univ student waiting to start using it.  Since the blog posting, we found a bugs in dbunit in our code, but that wont stop me to blog here. U can try our cimande-...
on Jul 8, 2011
In JUG-AFRICA we started an Open Source project to manage the BIG ANNUAL EVENTS for our JUGs. The first release will be available in the early second half of January. The application will provide all services bellow via the REST Web services :     - Appointment Manager - Conference Manager - Paper reviews and approval Manager - Profile Manager - Registration Manager - Sponsorship...
on Jan 2, 2011

Web Services and XML

For the purpose of creating a nice API for my new project Caligo (more on this in a future blog post), I was looking for a simple solution to access REST web service in Scala. My requirement was simple: access an HTTP web service, and exchange data with him using the JSON format. You can read the full story here and get the gist of the basic implementation:
on May 16, 2011


It's been several years since the book Filthy Rich Clients by Chet Haase and Romain Guy was published back in 2008. After reading the book I became a big fan of the Timing Framework that Chet posted at the timingframework project at Chet had elegantly solved a tricky problem—controlling the timing of animations. But, woe is me, I developed Eclipse plug-ins and Chet's code was...
on Apr 13, 2011
End of the last year and beginning of this I've spent trying to get Magnolia work with ModeShape. There were issues with both of the apps. On one end, Magnolia had issues with the Modeshape session data refresh strategy, on the other one, Modeshape was sometimes stricter then JCR spec required it to be when it came to queries. All of those were elementary issues that were relatively easy to...
on Jan 3, 2011
Meanwhile I am looking back to more than 25 years of programming, and more than a decade I spent in a very sensible area where quality (in the sense of zero failures) plays a big role. So call me "sensible" for quality. For long years "we" (i. e. developers) had hard work to do using simple command lines tools like vi etc., but meanwhile there are great, even free,...
on Dec 29, 2010


Accessing MySQL from Embedded GlassFish .ln { color: rgb(0,0,0); font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; } .s0 { color: rgb(128,128,128); } .s1 { } .s2 { color: rgb(0,0,255); } .s3 { color: rgb(128,128,128); font-weight: bold; } .s4 { color: rgb(255,0,255); } .s5 { color: rgb(0,0,128); } Using MySQL database with GlassFish is nothing new. However I just wanted to share a small note on how I...
on Apr 4, 2011

Web Applications

Somebody once said that the best ideas are the most simple ones. Here comes one I had this morning when asked for example of page using this or that paragraph in Magnolia: select * from nt:base where mgnl:template = 'stkTeaser' Login to Admin Central, go to the JCR Queries, set target repository to website, limit result types to mgnl:content and type in the query above. Of course, also...
on Mar 23, 2011
 It had been a while since we started to test Magnolia with ModeShape. It took few changes in the code here and there and it would not have happened if not for a big help from the JBoss folk. There were multiple obstacles we had to deal with. But as of Magnolia 4.4.2 and ModeShape 2.4.0 the things seem to be finally ready and you can download Magnolia configured to run with ModeShape as...
on Jan 29, 2011


Working together with Duke Award winner and Java Champion Fabiane Nardon and the also Duke Award Winner and NetBeans Dream Team member Sven Reimers I have presented talks that discusses the Future Java Developer, the most recent ones in JavaOne Brasil and JFokus. Admittedly, we are not particularly visionaries, and our "future" is pretty grounded on experience today. Although during...
on Mar 2, 2011
The jQuery Mobile framework allows us to develop high quality cross platform web applications. It can be either a pure web application or an hybrid one. Using this framework is today ultimate option for targeting all mobile platforms using the same code. I have recently completed to develop a detailed course for learning this framework. You can find the professional version at www....
on Feb 16, 2011