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I was very pleased to see the JFrog team take me up on my suggestion early this year that "Maybe the JFrog team will consider giving a presentation on how they put all this together at JavaOne this September". Unfortunately for me, the session (Building a Massively Scalable Cloud Service from the Ground Up) was already filled to capacity as I walked up to the door, so I was unable to attend....
on Dec 8, 2013
What happens if you configure a Hadoop-centric scalable big data infrastructure running on the Amazon EC2 cloud, that's programmed to perform some very basic processing on delimited ASCII data records (about 30 characters in each record), and you feed it a single data record? How quickly do you think that massively powerful system would process that teensy, trivial input data set? Milliseconds?...
on Sep 26, 2013
"The multicore challenge" is the challenge to developers of software products to write code that effectively utilizes modern multi-core / multi-processor computers. Two years ago, I wondered if the multicore challenge was still relevant. In part, I was thinking about how applications were moving from the desktop into the cloud. So, if the apps people are running are running in a browser, does it...
on Dec 21, 2011


In the just-completed poll, most developers identified performance and scalability as being strong determinants of the success of the applications they develop. A total of 242 votes were cast in the poll. The exact question and results were: How critical is performance/scalability to the success of the apps you develop? 45% (110 votes) - Absolutely critical - we spend lots of time...
on May 28, 2013
Robert Engels works for OptionsCity, which develops financial service platforms using Java. Their products include Freeway, a multi-asset algorithmic trading platform that won the 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards. Robert is the Chief Architect for Freeway development. If you're familiar with modern automated trading, you'll also be quite aware of the necessity to achieve maximal performance....
on May 3, 2013
In some earlier posts, I've talked about Java threads, Java Thread Overhead, and Amdahl's Law and Parallel Processing Speed-Up. My next investigation in this series is Java 7's new Fork/Join Framework. I plan to spend quite a lot of time in this particular investigation. For one, Java Threads have been around for a long time, and undoubtedly there are many resources available that discuss them;...
on Apr 16, 2012


One of my favorite sessions at Jfokus 2013 was presented by Typesafe co-founder and Java Champion Jonas Bon
on Mar 18, 2013
The results of the latest completed poll indicate that, in general, developers consider the addition of Lambda Expressions (closures) to Java (which will happen in Java 8) to be a good idea. However, opinion is not universally in this direction. A total of 401 votes were cast in the poll. The exact question and results were: Is adding Lambda Expressions (closures) to Java a good idea...
on Jun 12, 2012
Brian Goetz recently provided new details on the status of JSR 335 in his OpenJDK document State of the Lambda: Libraries Edition. Project Lambda is a fundamentally important enhancement to Java 8. And, based on the response of developers in our recent poll asking how Lambda Expressions in Java 8 will affect their programming, the Java community is excited by the prospect of being able to...
on May 2, 2012
A few nights ago, I was browsing the chapters about concurrent programming in Herbert Schildt's excellent Java: The Complete Reference, 8th Edition, and I was struck by the evolution of concurrency in Java over the years, from threads, through the richness of Java 5's Concurrency Utilities, and on to Java 7's Fork/Join Framework. The Java language truly has grown, adapted to the changing world,...
on Apr 22, 2012
With the advent of multicore processors on everything from desktop computers to tablets, pads, and even mobile phones, parallel processing is gaining increasing attention. This is at least in part what's behind the release of the Fork/Join Framework in Java 7, and the inclusion of Lambda Expressions (aka "closures," JSR 335) in the upcoming Java 8. While the "do-it-yourself" approach to...
on Apr 9, 2012
In my previous blog post, I did some experimentation with simultaneous execution of multiple threads. Since the threads were all doing relatively large chunks of work, the overhead from thread creation and management was almost irrelevant. In this post, I take a look at the overhead that launching a series of threads can have on an application. The starting point is a modified version of the...
on Feb 29, 2012


The Enterprise Architectures for Java EE Weighting Survey ends this Friday, June 25. Kate Jones of Oracle recently talked about the survey and its purpose: We are looking to make improvements to our Java Enterprise Architect course and certification to support Java EE 6. The result of this survey will allow us to better align our Java EE architect course and certification with the role of the...
on Jun 23, 2010