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Over on my blog - how I learned to stop worrying and love Maven.
on Mar 8, 2015
Imagine if, for example, the hypervisors that run EC2 were compromised - imagine almost every business you deal with online compromised, all at once. This is the never-talked-about problem with the cloud - over on my blog.
on Mar 8, 2015
Acteur is a pattern for pipelining work - a little DI functional goodness for Java. I might have been speaking Swahili when I wrote about Acteur last month. So here's a simple explanation of the design pattern behind it, with a simple sample project.
on Jun 5, 2013
How to use JDK 7's AutoCloseable for more than just I/O - it's actually quite useful in your own APIs. See the real full blog over on
on Jun 4, 2013


A few thoughts on how logging ought to be over at my new blog.
on Dec 5, 2012


I'm here in Brazil to kick off the Desafio NetBeans, the NetBeans plug-in writing contest. A training company down here, that I've worked with, GlobalCode is running the contest, and Sun is supplying the prizes - three expense-paid trips to the JavaOne conference in San Francisco in May. It's country-wide, and open to all Brazillian Java developers. It's a lot of fun to be helping put together...
on Nov 25, 2005
I'm still having way too much fun writing the extensible Gimp-like image viewer tutorial code (well, if I keep this up I'm just going to have to admit that it's taking on a life of its own...). And I write a lot of random logging code that looks like: doSomething (rect.x, rect.y, rect.width, rect.height); Try this in NetBeans 5.0: Open the options window, go to Editor | Code Templates. Click...
on Nov 21, 2005
Five years ago this week, we put the final touches on the initial website. It wasn't as pretty as it is today, but watching it go live - and getting our first patch within a few hours of going live - was an incredible moment. If you're in the San Francisco area, you can come join us this Sunday for NetBeans Day (free, whether you're going to JavaONE or not). If you work at Sun,...
on Jun 25, 2005
I've spent the last week in Brazil, doing some talks about NetBeans, how to write plug-ins, etc. What a lovely country! And so much enthusiasm for Java, open source and NetBeans! Having all this time in airports and planes has given me a chance to work on the new editor hints plug-in for NetBeans. This module provides unobtrusive features in the editor that let you add casts, implement...
on Apr 14, 2005
I'm doing a NetBeans module-building presentation inside Sun next week. POV-Ray scene language makes a nice demo for explaining how to do some things. So NetBeans now has POV-Ray support... POV-Ray is pretty cool - I used it years ago in my brief period doing commercial graphics work. Unlike most 3D rendering software, rather than a modeller (though Moray is a good one), it uses a "scene...
on Feb 19, 2005
So I moved from Prague to California. And I had this car in Massachusetts. What better way to get it to California, than to drive, with lots of stops to demo NetBeans for people? It's been an interesting trip - thus far I'm in Dallas, Texas. I've been to a bunch of Sun field offices, and learned a lot about this company and its customers - working in Prague is a bit like working for a...
on Feb 3, 2005
A lot of folks know me as Mr. NetBeans - in 1999, I'd been working as a contractor for a bunch of years, had backpacked through Prague and liked it, and found a job ad on from a tiny little company in the Czech Republic called NetBeans. I'd done some tools work before, had been doing a ton of GUI component development in Delphi, and was looking to do something different. I thought...
on Jan 9, 2005