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In late January I considered what I'd do if I had several free months to wander Europe. A look at the Lanyard Java Conferences calendar gave me a great idea: I could wander through Europe from Java conference to Java conference, while also enjoying everything in between! My imaginary trip started in Stockholm, Sweden, with Jfokus 2014. I'm now traveling 1400 km southwest, to Br
on Mar 1, 2014
Looking Forward to JavaOne Sunday: JUG Forums, NetBeans Day, GlassFish, Technical Keynotes, Duke's Choice Awards It used to be that Sunday was a fairly relaxing day for most. Not anymore! This year, Sunday is already overcrowded with many more events and sessions than one can possibly attend, as the JavaOne 2013 Content Catalog Sunday entries demonstrate. Sunday's activity can be divided into...
on Sep 22, 2013
Frans Thamura is a leader of JUG Indonesia, a Java Champion, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Meruvian. He has implemented the JEDI program in Indonesia under the goverment's Java education services JENI Project. In this fourth "Lightning Interview" I asked Frans about starting and leading a Java User Group. Interview 1. Why did you decide to start JUG Indonesia? Frans: I...
on May 12, 2013


Robert Engels works for OptionsCity, which develops financial service platforms using Java. Their products include Freeway, a multi-asset algorithmic trading platform that won the 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards. Robert is the Chief Architect for Freeway development. If you're familiar with modern automated trading, you'll also be quite aware of the necessity to achieve maximal performance....
on May 3, 2013


Mattias Karlsson (@matkar) is a Java Champion, JUG leader, speaker, consultant, software vagabond, and founder of the Jfokus Conference (@Jfokus, which will take place February 4-6 in Stockholm, Sweden). At JavaOne 2012, I had an opportunity to chat with Mattias about Jfokus, Java User Groups, and the state of Java in Sweden. My first question was something I've actually wondered about for...
on Oct 14, 2012
Much of my Tuesday at JavaOne 2012 was spent thinking about questions to ask the people I was going to interview, conducting the interviews, and trying to set up interviews for Wednesday. Late in the afternoon I attended the 2012 Duke's Choice Award Winners JavaOne BOF session, followed by the Duke's Choice Award Winners dinner. Today I interviewed: Mattias Karlsson, Java Champion, Stockholm...
on Oct 2, 2012
The very last thing JUG-AFRICA founder Max Bonbhel did at JavaOne 2011 was to spend a few moments with me chatting about Java User Groups in Africa and the unique problems they, and African developers in general, face. Despite the obstacles, growth of the Java community in Africa is surging. Check out the video: Immediately after that last scene, Max was literally running to where he had...
on Oct 6, 2011
Tuesday morning at JavaOne, I spoke with London Java Community leader Martijn Verburg about the LJC's decision to seek a position on the JCP's Executive Committee, the (JSR 348) effort, the outlook for JUGs and the JCP, JavaOne, Java, ... all this in under 3 minutes! Check out the Oracle Media Network for more JavaOne 2011 videos (click on the "Newest" tab). More Java One News...
on Oct 4, 2011