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Once again I'll be acting as the Mobility track for JavaOne 2010. The call for papers closes Sunday at 11:59 PDT. With such a limit time left the tracks marketing team has put together the following themes for this year. Java + Web Compelling user experiences for Java on mobile Tools - from content to monetization Java application world (with a focus on Browser, Media, Location based services,...
on Mar 11, 2010
This Saturday (Oct 31, 2009), Bangalore hosts Mobile App Conference - an event organized by siliconindia. This event is focused towards mobile applications and is likely to be attended by key players in India in this space - we can see a gathering of big bunch of mobile application developers and people from the business side of this domain. Sun Microsystems Inc. is going to present (and...
on Oct 30, 2009
The new version of Java DTV specification, 1.2.1, was released at Java DTV was created in order to prevent some royalty issues from some MHP APIs, like DAVIC e HAVI, in the Ginga-J subsystem of the Brazilian DTV middleware specification, which is also called Ginga. For more information around this soap opera, check this old blog entry. So, what...
on Oct 2, 2009



On the Java ME SDK Team Blog, Tomas Brandalik provides First aid when emulator doesn't start: We have got few bug reports about not starting emulator. After some research we would like to summarize possible causes. 1. Freshly installed windows doesn't have msvcrtXX.dlls. Got to folder runtimes\cdc-hi\bin and copy Microsoft.VC80.CRT into runtimes\cldc-hi-javafx\bin. This problem will be fixed...
on Feb 16, 2010
UPDATES: Dec-23-2009: At the time of this post some, but not all, wikis and forums had been brought back up. I am told that now all forums and wikis are fully operational. However, there are still some problems posting to blogs from external blogging clients - this is being worked on. After the attack last week now has been restored and should be (mostly) functional, including...
on Dec 22, 2009
LWUIT was created in the Java ME world to solve an old problem related to the different UI components rendering by different mobiles. This introduction to MIDP UI can help you to understand. From the LWUIT project: Writing appealing cross device applications today in Java ME is challenging. Due to implementation differences in fonts, layout, menus, etc. the same application may look and behave...
on Nov 20, 2009
Yes, there is a DateField component for LWUIT and it is ready for use! It is localized too! It was created by Marlon Luz from IndT, Manaus, Brazil, and the Tranqueira Project is using it. With this DateField it is very easy to configure date formats and check for a valid day, month and year and fix these values, if there is something wrong with them. Because I guess it is not interesting to show...
on Oct 26, 2009
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on Oct 23, 2009


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on Mar 2, 2010

Open Source

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on Nov 9, 2009
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on Oct 29, 2009
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on Oct 22, 2009
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on Oct 12, 2009
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on Oct 2, 2009


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on Oct 1, 2009