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Yesterday Gregg Sporar, Roman Strobl and I launched The Observatory, a blog dedicated to those learning to use OpenSolaris. The last couple of my blog entries have been about OpenSolaris and I've been waiting for someone to ask: "Dude, what are you doing talking about OpenSolaris on a Java site?" Plus, this blog also feeds into Planet NetBeans and I don't necessarily want to piss off...
on Jun 25, 2008
Looking at the MySQL web site, the instructions for Installing MySQL Community Server seem more complicated then they need to be. Maybe that's because there are no instructions for OpenSolaris (yet - I hope). Here are the easy steps that got me up and running. Install MySQL Open the Package Manager: System > Administration > Package Manager (give it a couple of seconds to load the package...
on Jun 23, 2008
If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, OpenSolaris 2008.05 comes with a sweet NVIDIA utility for working with their cards. The only problem is that is seems pretty worthless w/out an existing xorg.conf file and the proper permissions to write to it: These are the steps I took to configure my external display. Step 1: Generate an xorg.conf File Open a terminal and run: pfexec nvidia-xconfig...
on May 29, 2008
Okay, so I'm not the first to document this configuration (1). However, I wasn't successful with any of the other approaches I discovered. Maybe this was because it most cases they were using a pre-release build of OpenSolaris 2008.05. So, for what it's worth, here are the steps that led me to success... What I've Got MacBook Pro w/ a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor (model...
on May 27, 2008
I have been tagged by Roman, and my goal is to quickly tag 5 others before Gregg, Geertjan, Lukas or James get to them: I grew up farming tobacco in northern Connecticut (yes, the state's big enough to have regions). After the leaves were dried they were sold to be used as the wrappers for cigars. One year a freak mid-summer hail storm destroyed the crop. The picture in my blog shows my daughter...
on Jan 5, 2007