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Noel, Thanks for your concern about this. I license software under the AFL so I can avoid legal entanglements relating to collective ownership of my property and conflicts of control over that property which derive from collective ownership, and also to grant greater rewards and incentives to future developers and users. Future versions of the ASL might correct this problem and give me...
on Nov 22, 2003
Several readers wrote me about the Seattle Sun Tech Days presentations, so I thought I'd post info on updated slides from subsequent events. We've conducted two Tech Days since Seattle (click the city names for slides): Sao Paulo, a two day conference with updates to the majority of the Seattle presentations Prague, a one day conference with the "best of" updated from Seattle and Sao Paulo...
on Nov 21, 2003
Last night at an ApacheCon BOF (Birds-of-a-feather) meeting Apache and ObjectWeb agreed to collaborate on development of certain J2EE technologies. I participated in the meeting. ObjectWeb, if you haven't heard of it, is an organization similar in purpose to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). They have a fairly large offering of their own, but until recently they have predominantly used a...
on Nov 18, 2003
Today a subset of the Apache Geronimo committers (developers) gave a presentation on the "State of Geronimo" at ApacheCon. The most important announcement, from my point of view, is that Sun has approved Apache Geronimo's license for the TCK. What does that mean? Well, it means that Geronimo, when it's ready, can be tested against Sun's Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). An application...
on Nov 17, 2003
If you've been in the book writing game more than a week, then you are probably aware that some authors post fake reviews to their books and their competitors books. Its an ugly truth that is rarely spoken about. When a book is sold on anyone can post a review about it whether they read it or not. All you need to do is create an account on Yahoo or HotMail and then create a new...
on Nov 16, 2003
Microsoft is leading a charge back to the desktop. Will the world follow? Microsoft is placing its bets that fat clients represent the future of software, not browser-based thin clients. In fact, they are phasing out development of a stand-alone Web browser. Longhorn will have HTML viewing/browsing capability built right into the OS, and there will no longer be an Internet Explorer. I
on Nov 11, 2003


Here is a write up I did about probably the best solution to providing cache and compression support for your web application. If you don't know what a cache or compression filter is, read this article, now. If you do, it is still worth taking a look. Several questions have been asked and answered about the practical use of these filters and how they compare to alternative choices that offer the...
on Nov 21, 2003


Say for example that you want to unit test a Service Locator - a class that looks up data sources, topics, queues, etc from JNDI. How would you go about doing this? One option would be to simply setup a JNDI environment inside a J2EE application server and write some JUnit tests to run inside the container. While this works, ideally you may want your unit tests to run independently and quickly...
on Nov 21, 2003


Pardon me for blogging this, but I feel the need to rant a bit about the SCO/Linux flap... In Tenessee William's A Streetcar Named Desire there is a memorable character named Blanche DuBois who utters the famous line: "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers..." Where would the Java community be if it weren't for "the kindness of strangers"? I cannot even begin to count those...
on Nov 19, 2003
Greg Wilkins, creator of Jetty and co-founder of the Core Developers Network wrote this in-depth critique of the Java Servlet Specification v2.4.
on Nov 18, 2003
Hilarious!!! ;-) After JavaOne 2003, I brought the Duke trophy (Duke
on Nov 18, 2003
Committees never have vision. They have meetings—John C. Welch Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Sun might decide to join the Eclipse party after all. The IBM-lead project has been a bit of a thorn in Sun's side. Part of the controversy is the name itself, which Sun...
on Nov 11, 2003

Open Source

Terence Parr, creator of ANTLR, writes on why Enforcing Model-View Separation in Template Engines is a Good Thing(tm). Ter created an implemention expressing this separation, StringTemplate Template Engine, which he's used to build a number of web sites, including jGuru.
on Nov 18, 2003
Terence Parr, creator of ANTLR, wrote an excellent essay on why humans should not have to grok XML.
on Nov 18, 2003
I have to admit that over the past couple of years I've lost my some of my enthusiasm for the IT industry. It seemed like the only thing that people cared about was making lots of money and becoming the next Bill Gates. Fortunately, I was saved here at ApacheCon in Las Vegas. I rediscovered my religion, programming. For the past 36 hours I've been working along side some of the smartest...
on Nov 17, 2003


Martin Fowler's blog on the Unwanted Modeling Language caught my eye and prompted me to re-examine my own feelings about UML. I've never been really fond of UML. I am fond of the less formal "CRC Cards" approach, and I'm drawn to the ideals of Extreme Programming. If I knew more about Agile Modeling I would probably embrace it. I was introduced to UML before it was called UML. Booch and...
on Nov 14, 2003


I popped down to the JSIG today, the topic of which was Eclipse. Unfortunately I had a 2pm meeting so could only stay for the first presentation by Berthold Daum (author of Eclipse for Java Developers) which was an overview of Eclipse, SWT and plugin development. The first part of the session took a look at Eclipse itself, and Berthold gave a good overview of the tool, the workbench, the...
on Nov 14, 2003
One of my grad school instructors, Dr. Muth, used to stress to us that we'd get more mileage out of synthesis, connecting ideas from different sources and combining them into new ideas, than cold analysis, taking a source and stripping it down to its essentials. In that spirit, I'd like to connect the dots between what bloggers and other smart people have been saying recently about "...
on Nov 14, 2003


I have spent the last two months creating a front end for our new GenBank in a Box web product. Perl is a rather new language for me, and one not entirely to my taste. Going in, I expected the hardest part of the project to be learning Perl and its idiosyncrasies. Not a chance. The coding time went well, and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. Among other things, I now have a far...
on Nov 11, 2003

Extreme Programming

Most debates about XP revolve around a certain practice. Pair programming gets the most abuse, but many others take heat as well. It's time we transcended the practices and starting talking about the principles. But what are they? Womack and Jones opened my eyes in Lean Thinking to the fact that practices don't map from project to project. They discovered after their landmark book The Machine...
on Nov 7, 2003