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It's been a while since I've written something, so I thought I'd start out with another Swing Hack. This time I've expanded on the overlay idea of SwingHack 3 by adding sort of a magic lens. In this hack the overlaid information can only be seen when the special lens cursor is over it. To pull this off I've created a custom cursor using a buffer image and set it on the glasspane. The buffer...
on Nov 5, 2003


My last weblog entry generated some good discussion about Java GUI builder tools and how they should work - how they could be made to save serialized objects instead of code, and how some apps already do this. A couple of people made the point that new and better GUI tools won't necessarily result in better applications. jeremyzacker writes: The problem with Java GUIs isn't the language, its the...
on Nov 5, 2003
Last night my sons and some of their friends were visiting and one of the boys took me aside, said he had a question. He's 15 years old, very bright, and growing up in a world that's somewhat different then the one I remember. There are some similarities. There's a war on although fortunately there's no need for a teenager to worry about being drafted. Cars and girls seem to hold the same...
on Nov 3, 2003
I presented a session at the O'Reilly Mac OS X conference with the cheerful and innocuous title Why Mac Users Hate Java. Seriously, it's not as bad as it sounds. Read the slides when they go up. What my research (I have a folder with 300+ web site postings and mailing list entries) showed that developers are very happy to be able to develop Java applications on PowerBooks and iBooks, even if...
on Oct 30, 2003
Yesterday was really a "release day". Not only JWSDP and JDeveloper had new releases, but also JDK 1.4.2. Acording to the release notes, most of the changes are bug fixes. And even though these bugs don't affect the applications I'm using, I'm downloading it anyway (as I said earlier, it's time to move on :-).
on Oct 22, 2003


There were about 700 really smart people at the conference. Every talk I went to was chock full of great content. One of my favorite things in the world is to learn something new and man has this been a feeding frenzy. I had many great conversations with the people I've meet ranging from Lego Mindstorms to process and methodology. Here I'll try to sum up what I saw and I learned. I have detailed...
on Nov 2, 2003
I just got back from a weekend of speaking in Atlanta, GA at the No Fluff Just Stuff conference. I've missed the last few because of my work schedule, but it was good to be back and to get a chance to talk with lots of the attendees about cool things they are working on. It was also good to get caught up with the various speakers (we seem to be on the road a lot together) and chat about what we'...
on Oct 27, 2003
The Java Community Process's stated goal is to produce "high quality specifications in 'Internet time' using an inclusive consensus building approach...Consensus around the form and content of the draft is ... built using an iterative review process that allows an ever-widening audience to review and comment on the document" (JSR-215, 2003). In my own experience and that of several others, the...
on Oct 26, 2003
A couple of weeks ago, I went to Abaporu, one of the technical conferences organized by Soujava (a Top 25 Jug) in Brazil. During the keynote, my friend Manoel Lemos was invited to talk about the the National Health Card Project, which has won the Duke's Choice Award in the Massive Scale category, during the last Java One. So, when he was called onstage, he brought the Dukie in one hand and a...
on Oct 23, 2003
Back in May we finally got around having a London based Java meetup where a small handful of techies turned up to a pub and chatted about Java. Month by month, numbers gradually increased and all was looking good until the Java Meetup website started charging a fee for some of their services. Thankfully, Jez came up with the London Java Meetup blog. If you've been following the blog, you'll...
on Oct 21, 2003


I just published an article on CNet titled The new IT confusion which attempt to disentangle grid and utility computing concepts in less than 700 words.
on Oct 31, 2003
(the following is an excerpt of Greider's radio broadcast) "I was on the west coast. I can't tell you how many good conversations I've had with people, many of them software engineers who were working in Silicon Valley. Two or three years ago they thought they were millionaires, cause they had a lot of stock options and the stock prices of their company was still going through the roof." "And...
on Oct 25, 2003
On January 6th, 2001 I woke up and went to work as normal. It was a cold Friday and I was looking forward to working on a streaming MP3 jukebox server I'd been building with Flash and Java. I had no idea what was going to happen that day. I worked for a company called marchFIRST, which had only months before boasted a roster of 10,000 employees around the world. I remember the early days very...
on Oct 25, 2003
There are two subtle but unique resources in open source which, if acquired and carefully leveraged, can give your business a leg up over some of the big players in the market. One of these resources is control over the copyright of the software. The other is control over the brand. Both of these resources are incredibly important over the lifetime of a successful software project but are often...
on Oct 21, 2003
What do we mean by open standards anyhow? My last entry evoked a certain amount of name-calling in the arena of open standards. Today I'd like to explore just what "Open Standards" might mean. This will seem very simplistic to many of you, but I hope it’s helpful to sort things out in a simplistic way. I’d like to start with some definitions: Open - Open for third parties to support and...
on Oct 21, 2003


I've just installed Panther and since you don't get stuff like CVS installed by default, I decided to open up the XCode CD and install the developer tools. To my surprise there are some Java tools tucked away including Ant, XDoclet, log4j and JBoss. If you install the Java tools, they can be found in : Ant 1.5.3, XDoclet 1.2b and log4j 1.2.8 in /Developer/Java/J2EE JBoss 3.2.2 (RC2) in /Library...
on Oct 28, 2003


This is my first blog post, so let me start with a brief introduction. I teach and coach in agile software methods. My use of Java in the last couple years has mostly been as a tool for teaching and learning about refactoring. Before that, I was mostly doing web and server-side Java work. ----- Last week, I was lucky to be able to attend the NASAGA conference; NASAGA is the North American...
on Oct 26, 2003


Jayson, Maybe you can make sense of this EL question. Background is after the questions. 1.) Who is the EL audience? 2.) How is Sun marketing EL to PHP and non-java web developers? 3.) Is this more fashion than function? 4.) Are non-java developers using EL? 5.) Does EL make it harder for java developers? At a recent JUG, people unanimously said Java code in JSP is bad. In a JSF...
on Oct 23, 2003


Oracle has relased today JDeveloper, a maintenance release for its IDE. It has dozens of bug fixes, most of them related to BC4J (its MVC framework).
on Oct 21, 2003


Hey all. Been a long time I rapped at ya, so here it goes. I was heading over to barnes and nobles tonight to pick up a copy of Enterprise Application Patterns - a book about design patterns for message systems that I wrote a chapter for ( They didnt have it in yet (poop!), but while I was there, I thought I would check out some CDs (Outkast, Aphex and Seal if anyone is...
on Oct 20, 2003