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The Java Community Process's stated goal is to produce "high quality specifications in 'Internet time' using an inclusive consensus building approach...Consensus around the form and content of the draft is ... built using an iterative review process that allows an ever-widening audience to review and comment on the document" (JSR-215, 2003). In my own experience and that of several others, the...
on Oct 26, 2003
A couple of weeks ago, I went to Abaporu, one of the technical conferences organized by Soujava (a Top 25 Jug) in Brazil. During the keynote, my friend Manoel Lemos was invited to talk about the the National Health Card Project, which has won the Duke's Choice Award in the Massive Scale category, during the last Java One. So, when he was called onstage, he brought the Dukie in one hand and a...
on Oct 23, 2003
Back in May we finally got around having a London based Java meetup where a small handful of techies turned up to a pub and chatted about Java. Month by month, numbers gradually increased and all was looking good until the Java Meetup website started charging a fee for some of their services. Thankfully, Jez came up with the London Java Meetup blog. If you've been following the blog, you'll...
on Oct 21, 2003
Hi, I saw your blog on and thought I'd ask a couple of questions.... Do you think all Java/J2EE developers should be blogging, or just those that are senior, or in consultant roles? Should blog-reading be for general education/feel of the "community", or do you think blogs are only useful when searching for answers to specific problems? If everyone should blog, where do I go to get...
on Oct 14, 2003


(the following is an excerpt of Greider's radio broadcast) "I was on the west coast. I can't tell you how many good conversations I've had with people, many of them software engineers who were working in Silicon Valley. Two or three years ago they thought they were millionaires, cause they had a lot of stock options and the stock prices of their company was still going through the roof." "And...
on Oct 25, 2003
On January 6th, 2001 I woke up and went to work as normal. It was a cold Friday and I was looking forward to working on a streaming MP3 jukebox server I'd been building with Flash and Java. I had no idea what was going to happen that day. I worked for a company called marchFIRST, which had only months before boasted a roster of 10,000 employees around the world. I remember the early days very...
on Oct 25, 2003
There are two subtle but unique resources in open source which, if acquired and carefully leveraged, can give your business a leg up over some of the big players in the market. One of these resources is control over the copyright of the software. The other is control over the brand. Both of these resources are incredibly important over the lifetime of a successful software project but are often...
on Oct 21, 2003
What do we mean by open standards anyhow? My last entry evoked a certain amount of name-calling in the arena of open standards. Today I'd like to explore just what "Open Standards" might mean. This will seem very simplistic to many of you, but I hope it’s helpful to sort things out in a simplistic way. I’d like to start with some definitions: Open - Open for third parties to support and...
on Oct 21, 2003
Can 'standards' and 'standardization' be two unrelated concepts? There was an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Cloud Over Sun Microsystems: Plummeting Computer Prices, which dissects Sun’s current financial and strategic challenges. One of the interesting claims in the article is that "Scott McNealy, Sun's chief executive for the past 19 years, long resisted the standardization...
on Oct 17, 2003
I recently wrote a paper for The SAP Developer Network on user interface technology in the enterprise. I'd like to pull out one small section of that paper for further discussion here: There are three main factors that affect the ROI of any UI technology: ease of use of the application, ease of deployment and on-going maintenance, and ease of initial development. Based on the total cost...
on Oct 14, 2003


Jayson, Maybe you can make sense of this EL question. Background is after the questions. 1.) Who is the EL audience? 2.) How is Sun marketing EL to PHP and non-java web developers? 3.) Is this more fashion than function? 4.) Are non-java developers using EL? 5.) Does EL make it harder for java developers? At a recent JUG, people unanimously said Java code in JSP is bad. In a JSF...
on Oct 23, 2003


Yesterday was really a "release day". Not only JWSDP and JDeveloper had new releases, but also JDK 1.4.2. Acording to the release notes, most of the changes are bug fixes. And even though these bugs don't affect the applications I'm using, I'm downloading it anyway (as I said earlier, it's time to move on :-).
on Oct 22, 2003
OK, I admit it. I'm a bit of a trend-happy person, at least in the computer world. When all the buzz around Mac OS X took off last year, I got pretty excited and jumped in full-steam. It helped that I was editing the first Java and Mac OS X title for O'Reilly (Mac OS X for Java Geeks), and so I took off for bluer... er... grayer... skies. This was all pretty good; however, for the record, I was...
on Oct 15, 2003


Oracle has relased today JDeveloper, a maintenance release for its IDE. It has dozens of bug fixes, most of them related to BC4J (its MVC framework).
on Oct 21, 2003
Rapid application development tools let you put together a great-looking mock-up of your app in no time, but often are of little use for the production version of your system. Visual GUI builders and data-aware controls are two such culprits. In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that all too often tools that help developers put out a really quick version of their application are frustrating to...
on Oct 15, 2003


Hey all. Been a long time I rapped at ya, so here it goes. I was heading over to barnes and nobles tonight to pick up a copy of Enterprise Application Patterns - a book about design patterns for message systems that I wrote a chapter for ( They didnt have it in yet (poop!), but while I was there, I thought I would check out some CDs (Outkast, Aphex and Seal if anyone is...
on Oct 20, 2003

Web Services and XML

Ray Ozzie [IMHO but IANAL] effectively demonstrates that 1993-vintage Lotus Notes had "prior art" that -- in a rational world -- would invalidate the Eolas patent on embedded hypermedia. This patent has resulted in a large judgment against Microsoft and raised the very real possibility that the Web browser as we know it must change drastically or infringe on the patent. Jon Udell suggests that...
on Oct 19, 2003
I do a lot of freelance writing and editing, particularly of Java- and XML-related content. Recently, I was tech. editing a piece, over several articles, on XML Signatures and XML Encryption. The article was pretty well-written, technically accurate... and utterly boring. So my question is, "Is someone actually using this stuff?" Being an editor and advocate of open source, I often live in a bit...
on Oct 17, 2003


It's common that you'll find somebody using XDoclet to help build their EJBs, but how often do you find people using it to help with the J2EE web tier? In his recent weblog, Dave says he is trying to convince his team that using XDoclet is the way to go for generating artefacts like tag library descriptors and the web.xml file. I must admit that while XDoclet is very useful when building EJBs, I...
on Oct 16, 2003
I've been looking at integrating Apache and Tomcat on my PowerBook so that my dev environment more closely matches the box hosting my domain. Although I really do like open source, one of the biggest problems for me is that I always seem to need software that I have to build from the original source. This is one of the reasons I bought a Mac. I have tried running some of the various Linux...
on Oct 13, 2003