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How often have you asked yourself, "What do Open Source software, peer-to-peer file sharing, and Weblogs have in common with, say, a big lump of disgusting mold?" Never? Neither have I. But that's no reason to leave the question unanswered. In a chapter in Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software, author Steven Johnson describes the apparent intelligence behind the...
on Jul 2, 2003
I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at TheServerSide Symposium last weekend. It was a wonderful event, and I hope many more are to follow! It was done in the same vein as Jay's excellent No Fluff, Just Stuff symposiums, except with vendors getting more air-time. I much prefer far less vendor (read: None!) sales pitches, but it was generally done tastefully with vendor keynotes...
on Jul 2, 2003
Don't ask me why but I ordered my copy of the O'Reilly Tomcat book online instead of picking it up at the bookstore at JavaOne. My copy just came in the mail. It's nice to see how Tomcat has matured and that we now have access to a bound reference on this popular server which has become an industry workhorse. Thanks to the authors, the contributors, and to O'Reilly for a very...
on Jul 1, 2003
While totally invisible to the bulk of humanity, there's been a storm in a soup bowl of late as the Great and Good of blog-tech have been focussed into a Wiki to design a successor to RSS and the Blogger API - the name 'Echo' has been mooted as a placeholder. The choice of a Wiki is itself interesting, as Clay Shirkey notes, and from the messages its host has added to many pages the soup bowl has...
on Jul 1, 2003
I just signed up to deliver one of the industry perspective talks at Supernova in Washington DC. I'm looking forward to it - there's a risk it will be like Steve McLaughlin describes another conference: To take a recent example, you had a conference about blogging's impact on the business world where bloggers sat on panels with other bloggers, some of which were blogging what was said, while...
on Jun 26, 2003
For a while now I've wanted a reference list of people at Sun who maintain weblogs (first called out by Timothy Appnel). I've not found one, so decided to throw one together - Sun Bloggers. If there is a list I missed, or there are bloggers I've not encountered, let me know. [Also posted to]
on Jun 24, 2003


Hey, I used to work in the wireless software industry... and of course, any sentence that begins with that phrase usually ends in "and we all got laid off". Which we did. But despite that experience, I still have a passing interest in J2ME, even though that the tools for it aren't available on Mac OS X. Earlier today on, Bill Day lamented that situation. Where Bill and I part ways, is...
on Jul 2, 2003


I've been re-reading Tim's thoughts on Mac OS X switchers and OS X and the Next Big Thing of late. You see, my current personal laptop is starting to show its age, and I'm considering alternatives. I've always said I wouldn't consider any system that didn't give me a command line, and now Apple's removed that hurdle. I've always said I had to have Unix tools, and OS X has that in spades. I'...
on Jul 2, 2003
The first time I saw a Palm V, I thought "I want one". The very next thing I thought was "I want one I can program in Java". Several years worth of developments later, I'm finally going to be able to properly bridge the gap between the two. While we've been able to build and deploy Java applications for Palm OS since the early KVM days, the J2ME runtime itself has always been a separate...
on Jul 1, 2003
Check out my article looking back on the weird and wondrous happenings at this year's JavaOne show.
on Jul 1, 2003
Dan Steinberg put together this discussion between a number of the folks on the new Java Research License.
on Jun 25, 2003
Danese Cooper wrote about the pros and cons of sitting in the front row as a Sun employee. Let me be so bold as to recommend to Sun, Key3Media, and all of the other folks who put on developer conferences to try two experiments... First, just get up and wander around a bit and then sit down somewhere much farther back in the audience. Be Brazilian (as John Gage would say) and actively chat with...
on Jun 24, 2003


I recently downloaded the M1 release of Eclipse for Mac OS X and I'm really pleased with the improvements over the previous release. The biggest change by far appears to be improvements to the underlying SWT implementation for OS X. These improvements are quite noticeable in the application's performance, stability, and general interaction with the IDE. The editor feels speedier...
on Jul 1, 2003
Duncan reports that I gently and kindly harangued him at MacHack about ant. I'm not so sure I was all that gentle, but I hope I was kind. It's interesting that after we talked, he said "You've got ant's killer weakness there." But what he quoted was not what I expected. His quote was: The problem with Ant is that it violates something we learned with Unix. Tasks aren't composable. But what...
on Jun 25, 2003

Open Source

One link I've been surprised not to see yet on is a link to the web site run by Sun's Open Source Project Office, It's not exactly a 'must visit daily' site but it is so packed with projects that I do wonder why folk insist on trying to paint a fundamental conflict between Sun and open source.
on Jul 1, 2003
Red Hat Inc is in discussions with Sun Microsystems Inc about launching an open source version of Sun's Java environment, according to Red Hat chairman and CEO Matthew Szulik. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based Linux distributor is also lining up a slew of product launches including its new Red Hat Linux Desktop operating system and new versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Red Hat...
on Jun 23, 2003


Still looking into Hibernate, expanding a bit into Middlegen. I got a bit distracted by all of the pieces it takes to get it working, and I'm trying to figure out if I can put it all into the system in a clean enough fashion that everyone else will understand what I'm doing. Or, for that matter, so that I understand what I'm doing. There's a sort of Red Hat for Java apps, now, called "Out-of-...
on Jun 30, 2003

Web Services and XML

The way people use the internet is changing. I first heard of RSS less than a year ago when an reader emailed me asking if I had considered offering an RSS feed. I replied, "What's RSS?" The reader pointed me to some information about RSS on the web. I thought RSS was a great idea, and within two hours Artima had its first RSS feed, in which I announce new articles at
on Jun 26, 2003


This rather long ramble is something I've been getting around to writing for a long time. So, it may be incoherent, but at least I'm getting it off my chest. The fundamental idea behind the articles that Jaron Lanier has been publishing in the past few months is that protocols should be designed around the idea of "what are you ttrying to tell me to do" , rather than "that was an illegal...
on Jun 26, 2003


Monday Immediately after arriving to my hotel, I was wisked away to the top-secret war room where many of us set up the first pieces of Javapedia. In the evening I had dinner with the jGuru folks, including Tom Burns, John Mitchell, Alex Chaffee, and Ian Mcfarland (along with some others, please forgive me for leaving you out - let me know who I missed). My friends Jonathan Simon...
on Jun 24, 2003