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Survived The First Day

Posted by cdifazio on June 11, 2003 at 8:21 AM PDT

The excitment about JavaOne has been building for a while. It was great to get back out here and see alot of old friends and make new ones. I am the kind of person who loves to go from sun up to sun down. Yesterday started with keynotes early in the morning and continued to well past midnight. Lots of good stuff.

What is so much fun is that you can learn as much sitting at a table on a break or in star bucks as you can in the sessions. Knowledge is everywhere! I had opportunities to spend time with lots of renowned authors like Erik Hatcher, Rick Hightower, Floyd Marinescu,Patrick Kingsley ... in some very spirited discussions. It did not end there with getting to meet Marc Fleury and some of his team from JBoss as well as many of the JGuru team.

Some of the best talks for me were talks like EAI messaging technologies. It was a very nice overview of different messaging technogoies JMS, JAXM, Soap, ... and JCA. It did a good job comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the various technologies. A diffinent must for both beginniners and experts in the EAI field.

Lots of emphasis on web services, J2EE, J2ME ... I attended good talks on a pretty broad spectrum. Other really interesting talks showed up in the BOFs that evening. The last session at 11:30 -12:20 am had great ones one WEBDAV and JMI. Before that there we excellent presentations on JDO and their use in implementing the OSS Inventory API. After those talks and spending some time with Patrick from SolarMetric I am going to go back and prototype with JDO to get some hands on experience.

Can't wait for MIDP 2.0 to make it out there in the real world. Looks like with that we can do lots are really cool stuff with the next gen phones and pdas. The gaming industry is really driving both the sound and graphics technologies for them.

My biggest pet peeves. First was being an alumni and standing in line when the new guys went straight through (no lines for them). Times have definitely changed. That certainly makes an interesting statement. Second after standing in line they forgot my meal tickets so I starved for most of yesterday. Will take care of it. Lastly and probably most important is the organization of the printed course material for the schedule. Come on guys, I have been here since the very beginning and it is always the same head ache. By now I would have hoped to see some improvement. Maybe we need a JSR on this one to get some attention.

Looking forward to today, I got to take my vitamins and finalize my shedule.

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