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The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Posted by daniel on June 17, 2003 at 8:22 AM PDT

In his weblog today, Jonathan Simon notes that there is one guy working on JavaSound. With Sun's recent refocusing on the desktop, there is an increased need for improving JavaSound. At the JavaOne session that Simon co-presented with Phil Burk and Nick Didkobsky several alternatives and work arounds were covered. Simon is looking for a grassroots effort to help Sun make "sound kick on Java like it should." Java Today continues to be an interactive forum. Use the feedback to Jonathan's blog to suggest how we might help Sun fix JavaSound.

Other featured Weblogs include Hans Muller's thoughts on improving airport security in "Traveling Under the Watchful Eyes of the Big Brotherhood", Erik Hatcher muses on a commercial vendor's take on Open Source software in "Open Source versus Commercial Software", and John Bobowicz, the community manager, pokes fun at a keynote presentation in "Would you like a side of giblets to go with that Blackberry."

In Also Today we feature a Javapedia page on Java IDEs. Add your favorite development environment to the list and join in the discussion. Objective comments go above the bar and opinions such as "the command line and vi is all I need" go below the bar in the discussions section. Three of the spec leads from JSR-82, the Java APIs for Bluetooth spec, have written a second article that appears in the EETimes UK called "Developing Bluetooth Applications in Java.

Steve Mallett, the Java Today news editor has gathered the following Java Today News Headlines:"Jaxe XML Editor Project Releases Version 1.4.2", "ArgoUML 0.13.6, an open source UML modelling tool released", "Java Set To Heat Up Mobile Applications", "Apache AXIS 1.1 Released", "Q&A PartII: Java creator Gosling on JavaOne show, proprietary technology." & "IBM Comment on SCO Press Release: Short and Sweet".