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Communities and Projects

Posted by daniel on June 13, 2003 at 6:53 AM PDT

This year's JavaOne has been a great time to catch up with people. It's been a busy week of sessions, BoFs, walking the show floor, and informal gatherings over a cup of coffee or a beer. With all that's going on here in San Francisco and elsewhere, the response to has been amazing. In the first two and a half days there were five thousand registrations and nearly two hundred new projects submitted.

In Java Today we'll provide articles, blogs, news items, wikis, and links to other content. One goal is that as our communities and projects grow, they will become resources for content. The gaming community will help us identify news of interest to their contingent, people working on projects for javacc will contribute an article, or the community discussions of a JSR can be summarized for the front page.

Communities and projects are one way in which you can customize this site to meet your needs. Yesterday I wrote about the wider world and pointed to an article by a Brazilian Java user group. At both of the public meetings on we've been asked how we will better meet the needs of people for whom English is not their first language. I received email complaining about other sites that didn't serve this community well and who worried that would be no different. The writer then added the following.

"It would be great if had some 'International communities' site where people of all the world around could drop their contents ( articles, tutorials, tips, ... ) in their natural language."

Please start such a community. This is your site. If you think it would be great that we had a community for some particular purpose, apply to start one. This is your site. In Also Today we feature some of the existing communities and projects. Some are hosted on our site and some are sites that are hosted elsewhere that are federated with

Daniel H Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief