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Posted by webmink on June 9, 2003 at 9:38 AM PDT

I'm now in a cold & grey San Francisco and my hotel room overlooks Moscone Convention Center. The new Java logo is scattered all over the buildings and billboards, and there are people everywhere building stands and making preparations for the influx. Last night I sat in on preparations for Rich Green's keynote on Wednesday, and there's some cool stuff in there...

I have been to all of the US JavaOne conferences (I went to the first few representing IBM), have spoken at a many of them in one capacity or another, and I remain convinced that this is a unique event in the realm of technology conferences. The energy, the buzz in the place, the unexpected fusion of geek and culture, the venue, all contribute to create a spirit and presence that I don't find at any other event.

Even so, a lot has changed, even since last year. The blogging, for example. I'll be fascinated to see how many people are blogging the conference this year - please leave a comment with a pointer to your blog if you are. The rise of the blog has its critics of course, and there's a range of quality stretching from the banal through the abusive to the excellent, but in a context like JavaOne where the community is everything I am expecting quality and insight to flow. So, your links please!

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