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The Fairness Board

Posted by jbob on June 17, 2004 at 10:35 AM PDT

Nominations begin this Sunday for a seat on the Fairness Board. Here is a description of the Fairness board and how the election process works.

What is the Fairness Board?'s governance defines several Boards to help ensure the community runs smoothly and fairly. One of them is the Fairness Board.

The Fairness Board consists of three (3) members and provides oversight for critical activities to ensure that operates in a fair way and follows the Guiding Principles. Their responsibility and authority includes:

  • Settle any dispute between members of regarding the application of the Guiding Principles.

  • Review processes and policies to make sure they are consistent with the Guiding Principles.

  • Review all changes to Governance.

  • Manage an appeals process for members who dispute a decision made by the Community Manager.

One seat on the Fairness Board is appointed by Sun and is currently filled by Ron Goldman. The remaining two seats each have two year terms and are elected by the community. The terms of the elected seats are staggered so that only one of them is up for election each year. Rob Clark and Ken Arnold were invited to fill these seats when launched last June.

As announced in a previous weblog, one of the two elected seats is up for election this year.

How will the election be run?

This is the first election on and here is some important information on how it will run:

  • Elections will follow this time line:

    • Week 1: Election Announcement (Week of June 14)
    • Week 2 & 3: Nomination Period (June 20 - July 3)
    • Week 4: Candidates Announced (Week of July 5)
    • Week 5: Election (July 11 - July 17)

  • Only members can vote and be nominated. Any member can be nominated and all members are encouraged to vote.

  • A voting project has been created to facilitate all elections.

  • Nominations will be done by posting the name and ID of the nominee to a specified forum in the voting project during the nomination period.

  • Members will vote for candidates by emailing the name and ID of a candidate to the vote mail list.

  • The candidate that receives the most votes during the Election period will be declared the winner.

  • Election results will be announced the week after the Election period has passed.

    More information on the upcoming election can be found in the voting project. You can also learn more about the Fairness Board in our governance.

    Visit our Voting on page to understand more about voting.

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