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Java is really EVERYWHERE

Posted by eacr834 on June 30, 2004 at 4:57 PM PDT

In my search for new and cool java aplications I've found another cool
application developed by Senior Technology Expert Janne Levula, at

He implemented a J2ME application for controlling a Lego Mindstorm
robot using a Nokia 12 GSM modem.  The system  comprised 3

  • Lego RCX control module
  • Nokia 12 modem
  • J2ME application on the mobile device.

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The Nokia 12 is a modern and intelligent GSM
module that can be integrated with a wide variety of devices, enabling
mobile phone users to have a meaningful conversation with remote
machines and appliances.  Nokia 12 contains the Information Module
Profile 1.0 (IMP 1.0) which allows you to write J2ME applications
without graphical user interfaces.

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The J2ME controlling application on the mobile device was implemented
using  MIDP 1.0

According to Senior Technology Expert Levula from Forum Nokia,
potential applications range from the industrial to the domestic: "You
may have a big factory with a lot of doors that you want to control, or
you could phone up and turn on the heating or air conditioning in your
holiday cottage", he says.

This is really a great application that shows how java language really



Looking forward to more posts

Hi Angela,
Nice post is this.Looking forward to more like this from you.Liked your demo on JavaFx in Tech days 2010 at Hyderabad. Regards
Senior Application Engineer
Oracle India