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Are there other conferences worth attending?

Posted by rpg on June 15, 2003 at 1:48 PM PDT

JavaOne is over - thank God! It's a great conference for finding out who is doing what in Java, and there are lots of opportunities to learn Java-related things. But I prefer conferences not so identified with a single company - hey, even when it's my own.

This month there are two different sorts of conferences that might deserve your look. Both are heavy into Java, but their focus is elsewhere. This first is the Agile Development Conference, June 25-28, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Agile development is about recognizing that the requirements for a project change as the users of the software see the software and learn what it can do. Agile developers care about interactive or participatory design, delivering software early and often, and test-driven development in which the tests are developed before the code as part of its specification.

I was on the technical paper selection committee and we were quite selective. Unfortunately I can't go because I'm off to a writers' conference. I think you might enjoy hanging with the agiles.

The other conference is the Eighth European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs,

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