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hope for pixel pushers

Posted by aim on June 13, 2003 at 8:41 AM PDT

Rewinding back to JavaOne2000, a few of us on the Swing team put
together a session called "WebAwareWare" (forgive us, this predated
"Web Services" as a household name). In the session we
built a rich client version of a little web application called "Blogger",
written by a couple guys at Pyra Software. When I first learned of
"blogging", my first thought was, "who has time to write these things?",
and my next thought was, "why on earth would anyone read them?". Well,
apparently blogging has become an intrinsic part of web life, and so here goes...

I think this JavaOne (2003) has been my favorite since we introduced
Swing at JavaOne97. I could say it's because the tone this year feels
more "real" than recent years -- not just promises and announcements --
but stuff that really (or almost really :-) works. That would be true, but I think the real
reason is less philosophical -- I'm energized because there's a focus
on desktop Java again.

The opening day "general session" (formerly known as a "keynote") was
full of desktop Java. From Groker to JBuilder to GE Medical to games --
all highlighting the sophisticated level of clients which are enabled by
desktop Java technology. Images flew and performance screamed, showing
how far we've come over the years. Sessions on building high-performance
Swing/2D clients ("profile, profile, profile") and integrating 2D
effects into UIs hit that sweet spot of being technically interesting
and practical at the same time (okay, I may show some bias towards my
team colleagues here, but I'm sure attendees will corroborate this). And
the Swing BOF was packed. Questions are not so much about this bug or that,
but more questions about our strategic direction for the future.

Those of us who have a passion for UI & graphics are into pixels -
the more the merrier. Servers don't have em, and phones have only a
handful, so I'm quite content to let those fevers be tended by others.
For the last 8 years I've been blessed with the opportunity to drive
pixels using Java, and there's simply no place else I'd rather be
(workwise, that is).

So, I'm just jazzed about this new desktop-focused Java community and
look forward to working together to build solutions that solve real-world problems and bring truth and beauty to our users. Apple gets it. So do we.

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