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Cringely on Microsoft, Sun, Java and El Presidente Schwartz

Posted by ronhitchens on April 21, 2004 at 6:20 PM PDT

I found this week's Robert X. Cringely column especially interesting. They're always interesting, but this one is about competing with Microsoft in general, and about Sun and Java in particular. It's a continuation of the previous week's column, a rather sobering look at how Microsoft is effectively untouchable by the courts.

In this followup, Cringely suggests that the only way to beat Microsoft is to ignore them. If you allow Microsoft to define the rules of the game, they'll always win. Cringely contends that Sun is falling into the same trap with the recently announced Sun-Microsoft settlement.

He offers an audacious suggestion for Sun: Use Microsoft's settlement money to give every single Sun employee a paid six week sabbatical during which they must come up with new ideas to improve Sun, or leave. Like him, I doubt they will do it. But I wonder if the Sun of ten years ago would?

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