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The Draw of JavaOne?

Posted by jhunter on June 9, 2003 at 12:37 PM PDT

It's the Monday before JavaOne and all through the City every creature is typing, and using their mouse...

Something funny happened last night. My fiancee Kathlyn, who lives two hours away in central California, was brainstorming how she could find time to stop by during JavaOne. She came over last year, the year before that, and I think even the year before that. Tough to know, the shows kind of blur together.

What's odd is, she's not a programmer. She's an occupational therapist. Her career and Java programming intersect only when she's fixing the hands and wrists we wear out with too much typing. (It's a story for another day how great it is to have your own personal OT.) So I wonder, what's drawing her to JavaOne?

If you answered, "It's you, dummy" well then thank you very much! I like that answer. But I'm here every week. Something's drawing her to the show, and I think it's the people and the party atmosphere. Turns out that's the same reason I'm going this year.

Fast fact: last year I went to just two talks. One of them I was speaking. This year will probably be the same. Sure, I have plans to hit a pile of talks and used the handy-dandy online schedule builder, but I know in the end the people I run into will be so much more interesting. Chatting, networking, and catching up. Dinners and drinks at night. It's all about the people, and you don't even have to be a geek to have fun.

Or maybe it's the nifty prizes. Kathlyn loves my (now her) JavaOne wheeled travel bag. Could be she's just hoping for a matching handbag?

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