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Waiting for Gosling...

Posted by arnold on June 11, 2003 at 12:46 PM PDT

Okay, they found a funny engineer. How likely was that?

The announcement of HP's agreement to put Java on all their Windows
boxes is both cool and nearly predictable. Disk space is free,
after all. Someone was going to decide that the "value add" of
putting Java in the box was worth the small incremental cost.

(By the way, didn't Jonathan Schwartz say Dell make it so all
their boxes "can" come with the latest Java? And isn't that
different from saying it "will" come with the latest Java? Will
customers have to ask for the feature, or will they bundle it in
like [it sounds like] HP is doing? And if so, how many people
will think to ask?)

By "predictable" I don't mean "unimportant". Microsoft is obviously
trying to stifle an alternate platform so they will continue to
control the common platform. They tried "embrace and extend" with
Java, and lo and behold, they got called on that. So next they're
trying to take their platform and go home. It still is open whether
they will be allowed to do that, but so far it looks like it.

So HP is giving an extra value to their boxes, but this also gives
them an opportunity to loosen their dependency on the convicted
monopolists in Redmond. If others follow suit, all of us, including
HP, will be able to target Java instead of Windows for most of our

Of course, that's an "if" there. Something needs to make that
value of the HP box matter. That's up to us.

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