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Blarg #5: Are you aware that the source-code for isn't available?

Posted by jfalkner on January 25, 2004 at 9:22 PM PST

Hi Jayson,

Are you aware that the source-code for isn't available on-line? How can I get a copy?

I get asked the above question almost daily, and people are fairly asking it. The short answer is And if is replaced with, the answer is

The reason I posted this on is because I think it will help others find the code without needing the middle man (me), and I realized maybe other JSP/Servlet developers would like something in addition to the source-code.

Let me explain. As a JSP/Servlet developer all of the code I write I try to make freely available for others to use as they wish. The goal is to promote the use of helpful Servlet/JSP/Java code. I think it is silly to expect others to learn when all they have is the API documentation. I wrote a book with this in mind, and one of the book's examples is building a real website (, which also funtions as the book support site. Although sadly, roughly a person a day can't figure out where the link is to the source-code for the site, and that I assume is the reason for all the e-mail I get with the above two lines. Hopefull this post will help reduce the average to at least a person per week.

About the other bit. I recently realized that putting source-code on-line by itself isn't overly helpful to people who don't buy the book that goes with it. I've decided to try and write up some nice, free on-line guides to why the source-code I provide is helpful. The idea is that I can demonstrate some code, say a compression filter, give you the source-code, and leave you feeling good because you've got something cool that you can hack away at as you please. Give me some ideas; what would you like?

Please direct suggestions to the feedback for this blarg, and I'll take the most popular ideas and make something of them in the weeks to come.

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