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OS Community is Cultural Creative

Posted by aiqa on August 16, 2004 at 9:50 PM PDT

Cultural Creative is a term coined by Paul H. Ray and Sherry Anderson to describe people whose values embrace a curiosity and concern for the world, its ecosystem, and its peoples; an awareness of and activism for peace and social justice; and an openness to self-actualization through spirituality, psychotherapy, and holistic practices.

I believe that everyone in this project (also in other os software projects) is Cultural Creative. We have aims beyond our personal gains like to create a priceless software which will serve to anyone who needs it. A software which will show all of it`s roots. A software that will totally change the way others (other firewall softwares) are developed.

We are getting crowded day by day. Today there are 34 people in the team of Jeopardy.

Fourteen developers, sixteen observers, two web designers, a content developer and one me :). The community concept is built on communication so we started to discuss in developer mailing list. After a few e-mails, we know more about each other.

We have members from Turkey, USA, Mexico, India, China, Belarus and probably from some other countries. (You can not get answers as quick as you want because I think some members are not connected to internet continously.) Most of the members have experienced in at least two of these subjects; linux, java, databases, php and perl. All developers are male and age avarage is 27.

I have written a documentation about the general structure of Jeopardy. You can find it from this link. ( There is a chart showing the layers of Jeopardy and how they communicate with each other. We will expand it, write specifications of what Jeopardy will be able to do but will not decide everything at the beginning. If we spend too much time with discussions I believe that people will loose their consantration. We have to start to create! When the source will be available I believe more people will be interested in Jeopardy. They will have something to learn from and something to contribute.

Like Oracle said in the matrix movie; The power of Jeopardy Project extends beyond the open source world. It reaches from here all the way back to where it came from: The Source

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