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Living Vicariously Through Blogs

Posted by jhunter on June 11, 2003 at 2:02 AM PDT

I'm surprised how much fun I've had reading (and writing) the weblogs today. JavaOne always has five things going on at once, and people's blog entries let me experience vicariously some of the four things I didn't choose. The whole thing reminds me of those "Day in the Life" books. It's great fun to have a whole set of bloggers concentrating on the same event.

In years past I helped write the JavaOne Today online magazine where we had fixed article assignments. While informative, JOT lacked the immediacy and casual commentary that blogs provide. (Oh, and here in my blog unlike JOT I can say Java without any lawyer-mandated "technology" or "programming language" noun follow-up whose sole purpose is to make Java an adjective and thus more trademarkable. At least I think I can, we'll soon find out. Java, Java, Java!)

This afternoon as I walked from one end of Moscone to the other I found myself stopping at the public access terminals just to read blog entries -- no WiFi, laptop's useless, gotta use these things called terminals. I wanted to see what was happening, what was interesting. In comparison, my JavaOne Today paper (oddly it's paper again) is stale news, officially blessed, and folded in my backpack unread.

I also like having the blogger headshots. A few bloggers I knew only by name, and now I can recognize them on the floor and introduce myself.

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