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I believe in us!

Posted by aiqa on August 5, 2004 at 12:21 AM PDT

Jeopardy Project is in an early state. The most painful days are these because we have to make more people interested in our project. We need to provide a starting point.

Actually we are really lucky because of the platform we are working on. Java and linux have already proved their success in every need of programmers. Using both java and linux we become platform and hardware independent. Java can work on several operating systems and linux can work on several hardware. I guess people will be interested in a project like Jeopardy because our infrastructure is perfect.

Open source projects need people`s attention more than closed source projects. Because -we don`t pay- just share information we have got, there is only one motivation that you can have, being a member of a successful open source project. Coding for open source comminity is like donating to future.

Imagine a future when all networks are secured by Jeopardy. Imagine you are a part of it. Imagine your work is one of the building blocks of the future networks. The day will come, people will ask questions about our project. They will ask for help to install it. There will be thousands of people asking questions so we will again use the power of open source community and use mailing lists for users. We have an immense power by the help of internet. We can learn anything, anytime. We can communicate directly by e-mail. We can work as one by using these comminication methods.

We need one thing. One simple state of physicology that people can not have constantly. It is successful mans first rule to keep focusing on a subject : "motivation". In this universe even one simple stone can not be lifted without the motivation of the effect of it`s results. It is easy and simle keep motivated. Keep thinking the results of success that will come after your efforts.

Jeopardy project will be successful. We, the workers of Jeopardy project, will be honoured one day. I am working for that day. This is our motivation.

Join us!

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