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JXTA:03Q4, quality SunNetwork "booth time" and RadioHead

Posted by gonzo on September 28, 2003 at 2:12 AM PDT

First things first ... this last week I attended a RadioHead concert that was, simply put, A*MAZE*ZING! "Good for the soul" kind of amazing.


The next quartely release of JXTA is starting to take shape and will likely define what is meant by "secure distributed computing." High order details will be posted on the top-level JXTA mailing lists in the next couple of days. Scalability is a continuing key initiative in addition to a number of infrastructural tasks will be addressd.

If you are interested in contributing to Project JXTA in a number of ways, getting started is as simple as 1 2 3. A number of resources are freely available including a JXTA Wiki, FAQs and developer tools including tutorials, white papers, interest lists and an assortment of operational projects.

To fast track, simply provide the limited edition JXTA coupon to any one of a number of participating JXTA projects.

SunNetwork 2003

It was extremely refreshing to engage in a number of very real-world discussions at this years SunNetwork Conference. NACS, National Association of Convenience Stores, use of JXTA was of particular interest. The behind the scenes operations of your typical convenience store is a mix of complex real-time systems provided by a myriad of solutions providers. JXTA is accelerating the secure integration of smart devices, large and small, in the next generation convenience stores. From this discussion point, folks delved into areas of field exploration, document management and video streaming. Keeping it real.

I got a chance to see Looking Glass and was quite impressed. This type of "thinking differently" is precisely why I work at Sun. Enough said.

As stated earlier, RadioHead is an amazing in your ears tm and in your eyes experience. I noticed Jonny now includes what looks to be an iBook mixed in with his eclectic assortment of "instruments" this go around. Hmmmmm, note to self ... figure out a means to incorporate JXTA in the next RadioHead world tour :)

+--- limited edition JXTA coupon ---+
|                                   |
|  Java == platform independence    |
|  XML  == application independence |
|  JXTA == network independence     |
|                                   |
|  Secure End-to-End Computing      |
|                                   |
+--- limited edition JXTA coupon ---+

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