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Posted by jbob on April 12, 2004 at 9:43 AM PDT

Thanks to everyone who contributed to these updates to the governance. The suggested changes went through several rounds of review by our Advisory Board, Fairness Board, and Community leaders and, with their approval, have finally posted to the site.

This update provides additional details around existing roles as well as defining some processes.

Some noteworthy changes and additions include:

  • Additional details around the charter and function of:

    • The Advisory and Fairness Boards
    • The Community Manager
    • The Community Leaders

  • The creation of a voting Management Board

  • The creation of a non-voting Executive Board

  • The voting process and election schedule

  • The Governance Change Process (GCP)

These updates set the groundwork for increasing community involvement in direction setting for You are encouraged to review the updated govenance and to get more involved.

Questions, comments, and suggestions should be posted to our public governance forum.

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