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JSR announcements

Posted by felipeal on November 25, 2003 at 4:45 AM PST

As a subscriber to the jcp-interest mailing lists, I receive many JCP/JSR announcements. In particular, everytime a JSR changes its status, I got an email about that change.

Sometimes it take weeks to get a simple message, while at other times you got a bunch of them at once. And yesterday was one these days: I got a batch of messages regarding final releases, 4 of them related to the upcoming J2EE 1.4:

These are great news: once all specifications are final (there are still a few missing, like JSR 152 - JavaServer Pages 2.0 Specification and JSR 153 - Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1), the J2EE vendors can release their J2EE 1.4 compliant servers.

So, if you'd like to receive the latest JCP/JSR news, give the JCP-interest mailing list a try. Note that this list is open to everybody, so you don't need to be a JCP member to have access to it (although you are automatically subscribed once you become a member).

NOTE: the other JSRs mentioned were released a few hours after I finished this blog, so I posted another one

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