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New UI Stuff in Tiger -- Rock on!

Posted by jonathansimon on June 28, 2004 at 4:09 PM PDT

You guys know by now my stance on native look and feel support. I saw some demos showing native looking apps on Mac, Windows and Linux. Very impressed. I know I talk alot about the need to look native. That's definitely my problem space, but I also definitely realize the need to have an application that looks absolutely identical between different platforms. Sun is taking the right approach -- they are doing both. Both are completely valid, and its awesome to have both supported right out of the box. This is the kind of stuff we need more of to keep the platform going.

Another thing you've heard me talk about before is the differeence between the Java PLAF and the overall look and feel of the application. I'll bring up the file chooser again because its a great example. If you are using a native look and feel, you dont get all of the way there. This is because layouts are different for file choosers on different platforms. On the demo they showed this morning, they showed different file choosers under different look and feels changing layouts to match the native OS. Folks who are doing the cross platform LAFs dont really care about this, but it's huge to developers like me that work mostly with native looking apps written in Java. I'm a tad bit skeptical because I didn't see any code.

Also, I was very very VERY impressed (3 verys, pretty serious) that the JDNC demo was done in longhorn (the new windows version). When I saw the windows look and feel stuff for XP I was thinking, great but that took several years, and what's going to happen when Longhorn comes out. Now, Im still skeptical until its on my desktop, but Im ecstatic that Sun seems to at least be paying attention to some of the right things!

If it's seamless to make things look cross platform or not and native or not including layouts, Im going to be one happy dude.

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