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First impressions of Clover

Posted by simongbrown on November 6, 2003 at 3:52 PM PST

Code coverage by CloverI've recently started using Clover on my open source projects and it's an amazing product. I've not used the Ant tasks yet, but I am using the integration with IntelliJ. Wow, this is probably one of the most impressive products since IntelliJ itself!

If you've not seen Clover before, it's basically a code coverage tool that will help you identify what sort of coverage you are achieving during execution of the code. This means that you can see how much of your code is called when your program is being run, and also how much of your code is run during the execution of your unit tests. In addition to this, it can tell you how many times each particular line/block has been called and also how many times conditionals have been evaluated to true/false.

I'll write a full review when I've had some more time with the tool, but the IntelliJ integration makes using Clover a breeze. Once you've installed the plugin by dropping a JAR file into the IntelliJ plugins directory you get some additional toolbar buttons. Essentially, running Clover is then a simple matter of rebuilding your code with Clover, running your code and then returning to IntelliJ to see the graphical representation of the coverage. I think from the initial download to my first coverage results took about 15 minutes. This really is a great tool and, as I said, I'll write a full review sometime soon.

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