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Bugs by moonlight

Posted by aim on June 27, 2003 at 12:08 AM PDT

Powered by 802.11 and my viao with its duck-taped powercord to prevent
hibernation loops, I'm basking in a balmy California midnight outside
on my deck, coding away, fighting off an onslaught of bugs.
Now you'd think that since I've worked on the JDK for many years that
I'm referring to knats in the software. But I'm talking about real 6
legged creatures with wings and antennaes longer than their bodies.
Entranced by the luminous glow of my LCD, they're landing on my screen
and creeping around on my source code. What's freaky is that one little
arthropod is hovering over a method which does some threading magic -- I mean
he's really stuck there and won't leave! Suddenly I'm realizing that my critical section isn't properly encased in a synchronized block....

okay, right -- time to turn in for the night.

What is it about late nights that warp the rational thought process?

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