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Reputation and Sun

Posted by rpg on June 11, 2003 at 10:25 AM PDT

"How do we know that Sun won't censor or otherwise pollute with heliocentric notions—after all, Sun owns and operates the site?"

My answer last night to this question was that it was the same problem that faced a poet about to sit down and write a poem: How does she know that it will be good? And of course, she doesn't no matter how much training or practice she has had. Sun doesn't know how well it will live up to the Guiding Principles for Here's why: Sun didn't write them, I did. Executives at a company come and go, and some will buy into the Principles and others won't. Regardless, Sun can't know without the experiment being run. is a barometer for Sun's courage to bring together a diverse and uncontrolled & uncontrollable mass of people. The executives in place the day I put the Guiding Principles on the table agreed, and now we'll see how well Sun holds up its end of the bargain, and thereby will you know the heart of Sun.

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