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How to make her love you?

Posted by aiqa on August 10, 2004 at 12:04 AM PDT

Have you ever heard about lovemarks?

Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi&Saatchi, invented the term lovemark to describe a brand that connects on an emotional level with consumers. Simply a lovemark is the mark you love. Because love is the point in long lasting relationships, it is important to be loved if you want continuing interest. Most of the open source softwares are created with java if not with C/C++ which proves Java has already been a lovemark as Linux is.

What is love? Love is described as: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. So is it love or not what you feel about Java? Is it love what you feel about the open source software that you use everyday for your personal or bussiness` needs? Do you want others to feel same for your software?

In open source communinty interest means more improvement on software. While self motivation and self needs are the starting point to an open source project, interest and participation are the food to feed the open source community. So how can we create a solid interest (love) on our software?

As a linux fan remarked "Linux (a successful open source software) is a symbol of individuals cooperating in a world project to create a quality product. A simple idea that required vision, leadership, cooperation, and above all talent to give it life.", to create your lovemark and solid interest for your sotfware;

1-First of all you have to create a quailty product which finds a solution for a specific problem.

2-Have a vivid mental image so called "vison".

3-Have passion to finish what you have started.

4-Have leadership, people needs leaders to be motivated.

5-Always take the first steps, write the first code, draw the first diagram etc.

6-You must be in communication with others. Tell about your project everywhere!

7-Create detailed documentation about any idea or code.

8-Create a attractive web site.

9-Give deadlines for every action even for yourself. ("A goal is just a dream with a deadline.")

10- Watch a successful open source project.

11-Do never release buggy versions.

12-Provide patches as soon as possbile.

13-Create easliy installable software.

14-Inform users that your project is actively being developed or maintained.

15-Create comments for every line of your code.

How to make others love your software is deeply related with the actions you take. He is only you to work on your software until when it really becomes a community software. It will not be easy, if it would, would you love it?

Jeopardy Project: Open Source Linux Firewall Management Interface

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