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Covering JavaOne - Day Two

Posted by daniel on June 30, 2004 at 4:50 AM PDT

McNealy's keynote, Project Looking Glass goes open source, a look back at Tuesday's BoF's and sessions from morning until past midnight.

Steve Harris reports from Jini-land, Malcolm Davis writes that he thinks Groovy isn't hip, Daniel Brookshier reports from the keynote on The Rise of Buzz, and Bruce Tate looks at JDO and persistence. Pictures from Day two are here and Jan Heiss reports on cool things at The JVM for Consumer Devices Booth.

We've changed the front page of between now and July 6 to host our coverage for this year's JavaOne Conference. In the middle, below this daily editor's note you will find highlighted blogs, forum postings and news items. We have added some guest bloggers from for the conference to our webloggers. In addition we are adding news stories from various feeds into the mix. In the right column we are featuring announcements of new projects and communities being launched here on

Have opinions about the future J2SE releases? Follow the link in the right column to a brief survey. I will rant about the number five some other day.
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