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Answers to a Few Weblogger Questions

Posted by duncan on June 11, 2003 at 1:19 AM PDT

Matt Raible (whose blog I read) has a few questions about the blogs. Here are some answers:

Is the content moderated?

Nope. At least not under normal circumstances. If one of us said something libelous, then moderation would probably kick in. But until we hit that point, we should be free from moderation. Daniel Steinberg, the Editor-in-Chief of the site, wants to take a very hands off approach and is actually quite proud that they aren't editing content. There's not even the customary Sun trademark police after us to make sure that we say "Java technology" the right way.

One of the measures of whether or not will be a success will be if this no-moderation policy remains in place.

Can these bloggers speak their true feelings (can they cuss) - or will Sun remove their posting?

Hell, I hope we can say what we want to. Because if we can't, the shit will hit the fan.

Will [bloggers] maintain this as their primary blog, or will personal ones continue to be updated?

I can't speak for anybody else blogging on the site, but my primary blog will remain at http;// I can't wait until the tech is in place where I can post to my personal blog with a category and have the content show up on (as well as another one for general O'Reilly Network blog posts). Till then, I'll be mirroring content as appropriate. Almost all of my writing will always show up on my personal blog while the blog will be more focused content.

Are we enterering the world of your work blog and your home blog?

Lots of people are already maintaining multiple blogs. The real trick is for the tools to better support the concept so that we can post once and publish to multiple places.

Matt then goes on to make the comment:

Truth is, I probably won't even read them unless they get an RSS feed for all new postings like java.blogs has.

Many people wanted this and, voila, here it is.

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