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State of Web Services 2004?

Posted by wiverson on January 21, 2004 at 1:52 PM PST

So, I'm working on some material related to web services right now, and I'm pondering what at first seemed like some straight-forward questions.

"What's going on with web services nowadays? Where do you think it's going?"

So, this led to some investigations into the state of SOAP, REST, RSS, UDDI, BPEL & BPEL4WS, XML-RPC, and all of that. Looking at the current state of affairs (and downloading and playing with the SDKs) of several vendors that have published web services.

I've managed to develop a few opinions so far about where things are (more on that later), but right now I want to hear from you - what do you think about web services? Which technologies and specifications are you using, and why? Equally important, what does the business side of web services look like for you? Have web services solved any technical problems for you, or made (or saved) you money?

If you asked your boss about web services right now, what would s/he say?

Trying to cut through the politics and the hype...

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