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Perl vs. Java

Posted by daniel on July 30, 2004 at 6:30 AM PDT

All about trust

There has been great feedback to my whining this week about the OS community treatment of Java. Really, I'm not complaining so much as I'm trying to understand the issues. I am hoping that since these blogs also scroll on the O'Reilly network pages, someone from the Perl community (chromatic?) can help me understand this. The following is a question and not a troll - really.

So yesterday I was in a meeting hosted by a company that is preparing to open source a major project (no - it was not a meeting with Sun about Java - don't start the rumor mill). A prominent voice from the community made the observation that Perl development filters through Larry and that he has a lot of control on the process. In fact, at his State of the Onion, Larry talked about a horrible year of dealing with a stomach tumor and complications that arose. Of course our concerns are first with his health, but even he thought a bit about what impact that had on Perl.

How does Sun's control of Java and the mechanisms that Sun has set up for introducing new features into Java compare to Larry's control of Perl and the mechanisms for introducing new features there?

In Also in Java Today , the way you print in a Java application has changed in almost every release of J2SE. In Printing Components with PrinterJob "you will use PrinterJob to print a GUI component. Because components are what make up the UI of your application, this is how you can enable a user to print exactly what they see on the screen. You will be able to set attributes and specify PageFormat options for printing."

Steve Holzner's "Eclipse Cookbook" offers recipes for hundreds of Eclipse issues. In this week's excerpt from, Steve looks at customizing an existing perspective to create just the right combination of views for you. In a second recipe, he shows how to speed up Eclipse by turning off syntax and problem-checking features if you don't need them.

John Reynolds makes a Public plea to the EJB 3.0 expert group: Please review the EJB 2.0 CMP and JDO FAQ in today's

Steve Mallet posts video on Open Source Java Proposed.

Back to getters and setters in today's

Forums. Marc writes " In almost the places I've seen getters/setters, it is to expose a property that should be public. Some people say that properties should not be exposed, but I've never heard a convincing argument for this."

Who should Check parameters for validity? Coxcu writes "This is best done by the compiler. Failing that, there should be tools to help the programmer do it."

Robilad wants to know why "all the nice specifications drafts from JSRs using the JCP 2.6 process come with a nice catch: you are not allowed to discuss them with anyone who hasn't licensed the specifications. Interestingly, the final releases do not have such a clause. What is the reasoning behind that? 

In Projects and Communities, the latest
NetBeans community
newsletter has a link to an explanation of NetBeans JavaHelp integration API. This is used to add help to a module or to display help.

The Mac Java community home page features a link to JForumla 2.7 which is "is a java library for evaluating various mathematical expressions like 2x + cos( y ) or boolean expressions."

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