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Posted by jbob on July 22, 2004 at 9:25 AM PDT

The first Fairness Board Election has resulted in a tie between two of the candidates. Out of the total of 6 candidates in this election both Fred Lavigne (l2fprod) and Alex Winston (thealexwinston) tied for the most amount of votes. As a result, we will be holding a tie-break election online next week from July 25th - July 31st, 2004 to decide which of them will win the election.

Only Members can vote in this election. If you are not a member, you can [join/register] now so that you may participate. Members are instructed to go to the Voting Project for instructions for this election.

I would like to congratulate both both Frederic and Alex for making it this far and wish both of them luck in the tie-break election.

All members are encouraged to get to know these two candidates and contact them if you have any questions about their candidacy. Please turn out and vote for one of them. They both will appreciate your support:

Candidate ( ID)

I would also like to thank the other 4 candidates that were in this election. They all received many votes, but unfortunately not enough. I look forward to seeing them get more involved in in other ways. Members that care enough to get involved are very valuable to the community and we should all show our appreciation to these 4 members for making the effort:

All 6 candidates in this election would have made an excellent addition to our Fairness Board. However, there is only one open seat and we still have some work to do in order to find out who gets it.

Thanks to the many members who voted online in the last election and hopefully all of them, along with the rest of the membership will take the time to visit our Voting project and vote for either Fred or Alex in this up coming TIE-BREAK election for the Fairness Board.

For more information on the role of the Fairness Board and Voting on, please see our governance.

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