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Future Directions

Posted by johngage on May 26, 2004 at 8:37 AM PDT

I just took part in an exciting meeting at the MediaLab Europe, in Dublin.
Representatives of the Ministries of Education of thirty countries were there, discussing the future
of distance learning, broadband access in all classrooms, and the level of government support for sharing curriculum.

I'll write more about what Seymour Papert, Nicoloas Negroponte, and a host of others had to say in a later blog.

But now, I'm getting ready for Sun Network in Shanghai next week, and the announcement of a new, global educational effort by Sun.

The Java Education and
Learning Community (JELC) takes Education
and Research projects, members of the community and combines them with a community of
national Ministers of Education and other senior
education decision-makers and policy shapers, to allow
the development and sharing of best practices in open
source and Java on a global basis.

While the idea has been percolating for several years,
the JELC was conceived at the first Lifelong Learning
Forum in Madrid, Spain, a meeting where Scott McNealy
and 40 representatives from 25 Ministries of Education
around the world discussed common challenges in
implementing a policy of lifelong learning. Several
of these ministers are joining the JELC as board
members in recognition of the importance to national
educational leadership of an open source, Java-based
framework for the development and delivery of

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