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JavaServer Faces[tm] Technology is Real Now!

Posted by doris on July 1, 2004 at 2:59 AM PDT

JavaServer [tm] Faces is a getting more and more popular. If you want to attend any of the JavaServer [tm] Faces related talks, you better arrive there early. The line could be long and if you come in late, you may send to a different room because of the overflow. TS-2218 is one of those sessions. I like JavaServer [tm] Faces technology a lot, but one question I always have is if JavaServer [tm] Faces is for real now. When will we start to see some real world UI components?

One of the major reasons that I like about JavaServer [tm] Faces technology is the web application presentation will have much better look and feel with all the fancy JavaServer [tm] Faces UI components. The session starts with an introduction on the component model and then gets into the detail about the cutstom UI component model. After the introduction, it gets into the fun part: the Demo! Several component vendors, just name a few ILOG, ESRI, etc., demonstrate their application by using JavaServer [tm] Faces component library. I am impressed by the power of the JavaServer [tm] Faces UI components.

ILOG demonstrates the charts application by using JavaServer [tm] Faces UI components. ILOG demo is deployed and executed in Sun Java Studio Creator. I am amazed to see the instant response in zooming, panning, selection and annotation on the charts. There are also many advanced graphical features in the charts application as well. I am glad to see that more and more third party component, and tool vendors participated in the support of JavaServer [tm] Faces technology. After all, the success of JavaServer [tm] Faces will be determined by the tool and standard component support.

If you want to play some ILOG graphical components, go to the following url: