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Geronimo Preview

Posted by daniel on August 10, 2004 at 9:01 AM PDT

Early versions of chapters from the upcoming Geronimo: A Developer's Notebook

David Blevins has been kind enough to provide us with a preview of the first two chapters of Geronimo: A Developer's Notebook. He is also hosting a forum for those of you who read the chapters and have comments. These chapters "cover installing, running, and playing around with Geronimo. We've made them publicly available online to help bring Geronimo and its anxious community closer together. The goal of the Geronimo M2 release is to work out the bugs and oddities that come with new code; these chapters are what you need get into the thick of it all."

Also in Java Today
, in a recent Core Java Tech Tip, you learn to Use Collections to sort and shuffle a list. In addition to using the rotate() and shuffle() methods in Collections, you will sort the list both using Comparable and a Comparator.

When you make an unbounded query over a large result set, you need to carefully consider how to break the result set. In the DevX article, Paging in J2EE: Manage Large Result Sets Efficiently , Lara D'Abreo recommends pagination to address limitations in available screen real estate, and limitations of memory or connectivity. The article discusses query based and cache based strategies.

Max Goff has picked up on the Information Week article on the state of IT employment in The Incredible Shrinking Workforce
in today's Weblogs. He offers explanations and ends by saying "While it is likely that a combination of things have given rise to a changing fitscape with respect to IT jobs, it is interesting to note that a shift has occurred, something which has not heretofore affected IT professions so dramatically; not since the invention of the integrated circuit have we seen such a decline. "

Ozgur Akan talks about lovemarks in How to make her love you? A lovemark is "a strong positive emotion of regard and affection". Akan quotes a Linux fan as saying "Linux (a successful open source software) is a symbol of individuals cooperating in a world project to create a quality product. A simple idea that required vision, leadership, cooperation, and above all talent to give it life."

In today's
Forums, prasadgc clarifies Our position on DTOs. "We absolutely agree with the posters who expressed uneasiness with DTOs corresponding to entities crossing tiers. We are against tight coupling of tiers by exposing the domain model, and in fact, the DTO mechanism we proposed was to be used as a *warning* to remote clients that they were not dealing with an entity reference."

Ron Hitchens kicks off the thread in the Effective Java bookclub on Item 34: Refer to objects by their interfaces. "Do you program to interfaces as much as you should? Are interfaces used too much or not enough? Is it appropriate to create interfaces even when you know there will be only one implementation class?"

Daniel Wellman posts a question about Item 32:Avoid Strings where other types are more appropriate. He has "been looking at an application which was coded to use Strings extensively for parameters which are sometimes simply single characters or are good candidates for enumerated types. In the worst case, this is a String representing a single character - and there are several of these per transaction (at most 100). "

Rajeshrv posts on new EJB to point out that "One fundamental thing I believe is that you are trying to solve the EJB2.1 issues, where as the EJB 3.0 spec is primarily focusing on eliminating the complexity of the EJB technology from a different perspective."

In Projects and Communities, the OpenQTJ project graduates from the incubator to the Mac Java Community. This project is a collection of QuickTime for Java resources, including updated demos, tutorials, workarounds for problematic API's, etc.

Java Games
community runs a forum for sharing code samples. Recent contributions are on webstart cookies, a thread on 100th nanosecond precision, and a thread on faster array list.

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