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Seven years of Swing

Posted by daniel on June 24, 2004 at 2:24 AM PDT

Swing was introduced at JavaOne seven years ago. This year, you'll be introduced to JNDC - JDesktop Network Components.

Amy Fowler blog reports that The JDNC project debuts. In today's
Weblogs Fowler invites you be an early adopter for JDNC "which takes on the goal of simplifying development of data-centric Java desktop clients by providing shortcuts in the form of high level Swing components and an optional XML configuration language." She points to an article she's written, the project site, and a number of sessions at this year's JavaOne.

It's been a while since we've published technology related poetry. James Kobielus has penned two that we feature in our Poetry Corner. We are running his "FEASIBILITY OF ADAPTIVE ARRAYS" and "RE:BYE".

Bruce Tate summarizes some of the responses from his recent article in People of the elephant in which he makes "more amuzing but practically useless gross generalizations. These are the groups of people that responded to my article."

In Also in Java Today ,
the Mobility Tech Tip Interaction Modes in MIDP 2.0 shows you how a custom UI component, which extends the javax.microedition.lcdui.CustomItem, interacts with the user. "Interaction modes identify the ways that the implementation enables users to interact with an item. Currently three types of interaction modes are defined: keyboard, pointer, and traversal."

Well-designed software allows the user to cancel a long operation such as complex database queries; network I/O handling; extensive calculations; sorting of, or searching in, large data sets. In Interruptible Database Queries, Slav Boleslawski demonstrates "how to cancel a time-consuming database query by simply interrupting the thread in which the query runs. Such an interruptible database query will enable you to develop truly interactive programs that respond promptly even to the most impatient users."

Projects and Communities
, while JavaSpaces is "neither directly related nor limited to grid computing", the informit article explains that JavaSpaces can enable "a class of useful services implemented on a grid."

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart blogs that JAXB 2.0 and JAX-RPC 2.0 EA specs are out and that "the JAXB 2.0 spec is only hinting at the addition of updateable partial binding".

We debut a discussion about JavaOne 2004

in today's Forums. Next week, will be blogs and forums. This gives members without a blog a mechanism for posting their thoughts on this year's JavaOne conference.

Cowwoc posts on onfly classes saying " On-demand downloading of classes is the only sure way to maintain a fully backwards compatible JRE (no need to drop any deprecated APIs or strip away any files) while maintaining a small download size."

Zander posts on what could be stripped out of J2SE and says that he does think "that just placing extra stuff in the core API each release is NOT the way to go. But the core problem here is that too many are not that good and as soon as the API is in the JVM, its dead. No way to enhance or fix it (no way for mortals, anyway)."

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