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A different perspective

Posted by daniel on October 15, 2004 at 6:47 AM PDT

Go ahead and make me

Sure, it's a childish taunt - but "go ahead and make me" is also
Ken Arnold's solution for the recurring discussions of preferred
syntax. For me, it's a welcome change in perspective. Note: It is not
a paradigm shift. Few things are and I'm hoping that that phrase,
along with "at the end of the day" will be retired soon.

I was thinking of a change in perspective as I headed back home to
Cleveland on Monday. As the plane's altitude dropped, the vague
patches on the ground turned into trees of all colors in the midst of
the annual fall show. If I could truly paint you a picture of what I
saw, I would be locked away in Robert Frost country trying to write
fiction. But it reminded me of how much of our life is spent on the
ground either in an office or in a car. We see the trees for that
instant that we walk from the car to where we're going or at 60 miles
per hour. Walking in the woods or flying over a forest can cause you
to consider your surroundings differently.

For the "my way of writing Java code is better than your way"
argument, recent discussions seem to come down to (1) my way
is better, (2) no way is better, just be consistent, or (3)
here's a tool that allows you to write your way, me to write my way
and for us to peacefully co-exist. In href=""> Also in Java
we see another view.

"[C]oding style is an essentially
solved problem, and we ought to stop worrying about it. And to stop
worrying about it will require worrying about it a lot first, because
the only way to get from where we are to a place where we stop
worrying about style is to enforce it as part of the language." Ken
Arnold explain in his Artima blog href="">Style
is Substance, "you will never enforce any style globally unless
people have literally no choice. How many C programmers use during as
a stylistic preference to while? [..] Or skip the parens around an if
clause? They don't because they can't. You know they would if they
could. The thing that stops these "personal styles" is that the C
compiler will not accept them. If you can't compile your code you fix
it. It's so simple it's stupid. And therefore it works."

I would add to Ken's thoughts, but if I could write as eloquently
about coding practices as he I would be locked away in Robert Frost country
trying to write code. And fiction.

"Sun's Java Desktop System (JDS) has faced a lot of flack from the
Free Software community. People object to Sun's naming scheme and
branding, and have cried out in angst about JDS's complex and
unattractive end-user licensing agreement." So begins href="">What's
so Java about Sun's Linux Desktop? by Sam Hiser, who writes that
far from being bashed, the JDS should be appreciated as a
tightly-integrated, stable, and compelling Linux desktop with a
generous helping of Java applications and tools. Sam is also the
author of O'Reilly's href="">Exploring the JDS Linux

In today's Weblogs,
Hans Muller posts an update href="">
And then there were more than 50: More Swing Component Libraries.
" A few days ago I published a blog called "Another 40 Swing Component
Libraries". Thanks to reader feedback the list has grown to well over
50 and I've updated the original post. "

In Projects and
, The href="">JDDAC project version 0.3
includes an implementation of the Java Measurement Calculus
Interface (JMCI) and corrects some minor bugs in the previous

The Jini community
has news of the Eighth
Jini Community Meeting
, to be held in London, December 7-8, and a
for papers open through November 8.

up OpenGL. In today's href=""> Forums,
Gregory Pierce writes "No flags, no 'works only for a handful of
features', the entire pipeline of Java2D and Swing OpenGL accelerated
and with a graphics context that exposes the entire OpenGL pipeline so
I can apply other render methods on top of the GUI. "

Monika_Krug "would like to see the href="">AspectJ
language added to the Java language. It does not break anything,
so nobody would be forced to use it or change any line of their code
if aspects were added to Java. AspectJ increases the expression power
a lot with a small number of additional language constructs. It is
just so ... neat."

VHI writes "At present, href="">JNI
is not seamless to use in Java. Why can't the JVM provide
automatic marshalling from and to C types? It should be as easy as the

@Library("") public native

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Go ahead and make me