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Have you hugged your Jini developer lately?

Posted by timboudreau on September 1, 2004 at 10:11 AM PDT

It's always tempting to write software to be intelligent - it makes us look intelligent! And if you can do it well, you can make a lot of money. But in intelligent software, there are hidden perversities - sometimes it's going to make assumptions that are wrong, either hilariously or disasterously, and the probability of that goes up with the complexity of the software. People are intelligent, and they're wrong sometimes too.

It's quite easy to screw up simple things - when I moved to Prague in 1999, my bank sent all of my statements to "Czechoslovak, Iowa" (get it - Czechoslovak-I-A :-). So it's even easier to screw up complex things.

Google is all about intelligence in software - search algorithms are hard. Recently I've been seeing Ads By Google on the web. Looking up what Google says it is, I learn "It means that Google uses search-based technologies to match advertisements to the content and context of web pages"

The other day I was browsing a web site devoted to Jini, and saw this:

(translations of the German at the bottom are welcome)

Now Google's software is quite intelligent. This could be the first indication of a serious mental health crisis among Jini developers. It would be irresponsible not to take it seriously.

If you know a Jini developer, give 'em a call. Give 'em a hug. Tell 'em everything will be all right.

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