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Getting to know each other

Posted by pelegri on April 21, 2004 at 5:36 PM PDT

Part of being a community is knowing each other. In a physical community there are plenty of smalltalk opportunities that help create that awareness. In an online community like Java.Net we know each other through postings, blogs, news, and other artifacts we create.
Some online communities support the notion of a journal or profiles; the closest mechanism we have in Java.Net is the People Wiki.

I would like to encourage the members of the WS and XML community to add pages for themselves in the People Wiki. Follow the link, and add yourself; I am there already.

It is specially important to know the leaders of projects in the community, so they are are specially encouraged to do this. Leaders should also add themselves to our own contact directory and they should create entries for their projects in the Wiki. Follow the same conventions of previous projects; you may want to look at the source of other pages to see how things are done.


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