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The JDNC project debuts

Posted by aim on June 23, 2004 at 12:37 PM PDT

At JavaOne '97, we kicked off project Swing and as we raised the toolkit scaffolding in the crazy months that followed, we released frequent snapshots of the bits to get our developer base (or at least a hardy core) in on the action. Feedback, both positive and 'constructive', was relentless, and the API improved steadily because of it. We still get email from folks who tell us they've been using Swing since those 0.2 days, and we always bow our heads in honor.

So we're looking to get you in early on the action again. This time with a new technology called JDesktop Network Components (JDNC), which takes on the goal of simplifying development of data-centric Java desktop clients by providing shortcuts in the form of high level Swing components and an optional XML configuration language. Taking advantage of the open source boon, we're launching this as a project, from which we can involve you not
only in trying the stuff out, but in shaping and coding it directly. The JDNC project is a place where we can explore solutions and tune them long before they get baked into a standard. It is still in the rough early stage, so your impact could be significant.

So read up about JDNC in my latest article, visit our project site, and join in on making it happen. After all, who knows better than you what would make your development life easier.

And for those of you heading to San Francisco next week, we'll be at
JavaOne talking more about the project. Come chat directly with us:

  • TS-2865: JDesktop Network Components (JDNC): Simplifying JavaTM
    Desktop Client Construction

    Tuesday 1:30 PM Hall E #135
  • Hands-on Lab-7222: Rapid Data-Driven Client Construction with JDesktop Network Components (JDNC) XML Configuration Language
    • Monday 2:15 PM Hall E 132/133
    • Tuesday 12:15 PM Hall E 132/133
    • Wednesday 12:15 PM Hall E 132/133
    • Thursday 1:00 PM Hall E 132/133
  • BOF-2859: Meet the JavaTM Foundation Classes (JFC/Swing) Team

    Wednesday 7:30 PM Esplanade 302
  • JDNC Demos in J2SE Client Pavilion Booth
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