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JXTA TownHall agenda

Posted by gonzo on October 24, 2003 at 11:15 AM PDT

Here's the agenda for the forthcoming
JXTA Town Hall of which I likely jumped the gun a bit in my ealier posting:

National Association of Realtors & JXTA - Aubrey Jackson

December Project JXTA 2.2 release - Mike Duigou

Project JXTA update - Mohamed Abdelaziz

iJXTA (JXTA - Apple Rendevous Interconnect) - Mohamed Abdelaziz

Planet Lab - Bernard Traversat

JDF - Calvin Cheng

Embedlets - James Todd

Included are directions for those that can attend in person and the IRC channel irc://freenode#jxta for those that would like to participate remotely.

Java == platform independence

XML == application independence

JXTA == network independence

Secure End-to-End Computing

in my ears: Smashing Pumpkins/Gish/Suffer

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